Monday, October 23, 2006


2 weekends back it was pretty hectic... We were moving into a different apartment... We started to move things on friday night itself, so that Saturday we could do the setting up :)

Saturday by 1 we were done shifting all the things...including our Sofa and two heavy tables... After all 4 girls can do this :)
After the tiring work.. we went to have lunch in the Indian restaurant.. and for a change the food was good... then we headed towards Walmart for groceries n stuff... Luckily we found some cushions etc on sale.. We bought a few for our new home...It was fun shopping for the home ( I love it )

It was around 7 that we decided we leave for the lake nearby.. We reached there and wow what a beauty.. though it was getting dark.. Infact the darkness was just enhancing the beauty of the lake.. We sat there and talked and talked... for 1 hr.. then it became too dark that we couldnt see each other's face... We then went for the movie 'departed'... we had a eventful weekend

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Speak less with people whom u love the most, coz, if they can’t understand ur silence they can never understand ur words.

Is this true??
If this is then do people in love never talk??
I would say...

Speak more with people whom you love the most, coz, if you cannot come out with words in front them ... you cannot do it in front of anybody

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wish I had a home here

I was just sitting on one of the rocks and waiting for G.... Turned around and my eyes just caught this sight.... It was just mind blowing.... esp with the mild breeze

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As soon as G came... I showed him this... and asked him... if a house could be built here... I wanted to stay just right there...

But soon had to face reality.. and had to come back to the routine life.. :)

Path Crossing

Paths cross... seems like its the ending.. but may be its just a new beginning of a new path...

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