Monday, February 19, 2007

Belief, trust and friendship

Sometimes we believe in certain people.. have expectations from them...
G says we should not expect.. but we are human.. and expectations and human go together..

There are so many complications in life.. and most of it is because of these expectations..
Be it professional .. be it personal.. these always have some value.. Its a different topic if we are able to meet other's expectation or not..

We might not be raising upto that level.. and when we dont and see the pain in our loved ones... we feel guilty... and not go and advise.. dont have any expecations from me.. or nobody has ever had any expectation from me.. These are words of escapism...

When in a relationship.. be it parent child, brother sister, husband wife.. even in friendship.. we need to know that a little bit of affection is always expected... You need to be confident that when the whole world leaves me alone... my friend is always there for me...That is what is friendship after all... The confidence in the other person, the trust which you have on that person irrespective of whether the person will really do it for you.

What if there comes a situation you are no longer going to trust your friend... the friendship is off on a vacation.. probably that is the day, you realize, you did a mistake...

They say.. parents are by chance
frineds are by choice

So choose your friends wisely... Choose your life wisely!!!