Sunday, September 19, 2010


This incident probably happened a month back. I have been so busy these days, no time to blog.

Anyway, we went to see a movie in PVR Gold Class. As we entered, we had to go through the routine securtiy check. Then we made ourselves comfortable, in the lounge, a guy came with our welcome drink. As we were having it, we realized a movie star also entered. The people there were ready with a bouqet. What amazed me was, she was allowed inside without any securtiy check. And the guys who came with her, did not have to go through the security check.

I asked the guy who served us the drink, what if these people had a bomb with them. He just smiled at me, embaressed and with a "What Can I do?" expression.

But isnt this a serious threat. Sometimes people do anything for money. If you are harassing common people for security checks etc, why are the rich and famous not made to go through the same ordeal?

Why these double standards? What kind of security is this?