Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sasural Genda phool

Conversation with a friend:

Friend: so how are things at sasural (in laws)

Me: sasural is fine

Friend: in laws ke saath hi reh rahe ho na

Me: haan. ab unko itni acchi bahu mili hai.. unka to jeevan dhanya hogaya


Friend: yeh unhone bola ya khud hi decide kar liya ???

Me: woh to speechless hogaye hain na..

Me: to kaise bolenge

Friend: hahaha

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

who says beggars cant be choosers

On Sunday, we went to Najungoodu. Since, it was the weekend just after Shivrarathri, there were lot of people. We dint opt for the special darshan (charged Rs.100). There was also another ticket for Rs.25 and then there was a free darshan. We first wanted to try the free darshan. I would say we were lucky that our darshan was over in 15-20 mins. After the temple, we came to the place where we had left our footwear. After paying him, my husband still had 2-3 rupees left in his hand. We saw lot of beggars, one of them was handicap, so my husband gave him the money.

I was busy putting on my sneakers, so dint pay attention to what he was doing. There came a old lady, who was begging for a long time, she asked my husband for money and he refused. All of a sudden, she turned towards me and started accusing me.

Lady beggar : Ninge yaakamma hotte kicchu aa yappa nange duddu kotre (why are you jealous if this man gives me money)

I was shocked and lifted my head to see why she was telling me this. My husband was equally shocked. He asked me if I said anything to her. I had no idea of what was going on. She was about to move murmuring something else and I still had no idea why I was accused, and why I would be jealous of her. I couldn’t control my anger at this point and said “God has given you hands and limbs. Why don’t you do some hard work and earn something, rather than begging”

My husband then consoled me and asked me to ignore what she said and not to react on such petty things.

But, my argument was I never said anything to that lady, only after she accused me of this, did I say anything to her. Moreover, I told her a fact. Did I do something wrong?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Names Names!!!

Couple of days back, I was browsing channels and found the movie “Yes Boss” in one of the movie channels. Since there wasn’t anything interesting elsewhere, I continued watching this. My father in law was also there, and he heard the name Rahul. The conversation went like this:

FIL : There are so many people named Rahul
Me : Yup
FIL : This is not fair to Ketu
Me : (Confused) huh??
FIL : see Rahul = Rahu + L
Me : ooooooohhhhhhhh
FIL : But there is nobody named Ketul = Ketu + L
Me : hmm..
FIL : That’s unfair to Ketu
Me : Well, there is the name Ketan, little bit modified but the nearest
FIL : But it doesn’t beat Rahul
Me : Yes Boss

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reasons Reasons

I have read so many posts where we crib about our company. Even though some feel we don’t have the expected monetary benefits. I still have a list of reasons why I wouldn’t crib about it

1. Joy on my parents’ face when I got the job.

2. Liberty to get them any gift, which I have always wanted them to have.

3. I found the love of my life here.

4. Roommates/training mates became friends for life

5. Superb onsite trips.

6. Amazing friends made at onsite, it was because of them that homesickness was not a routine. Infact, when I came home for a vacation, I missed them so much that I wanted to go back.

7. Learnt to be independent. Earlier, I wouldn’t even go and buy a chocolate on my own (unless for gifts), had never paid bills of any sort.

8. Financial independence.

9. Bought my first mobile phone.

There might be lots more, and I agree that any first company which we join gives us joy. The fact that in my case it happens to my company, just gives the company that vantage point that I would be ever grateful.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Namma Bengalooru

Bangalore, or Bengalooru as it’s called now, was always one of the best climatic places in India. It was not too hot, not too cold. We never felt the need of an AC, fans were more than enough.

For the past few years, due to increase in traffic and population, there has been a change, we have started to have hotter days. And when, we started complaining that Bangalore’s climate is changing from pleasant to hot, the weather just surprises us by a chilling morning.

Friday morning was one such day, when even at 8.30 AM, the Hosur Expressway was so foggy and it was so cold. It just felt like B’lore was just getting back to the it’s groove. Well, once in a while such nice mornings just bring back the faith in you, that namma Bengalooru is still the place to be.