Friday, May 28, 2010


We were on our usual coffee break, in an unusual environment. The entire office was decorated with skulls, masks, RIP boards; in short it looked like a graveyard, with people dressed up as ghosts, witches. You guessed it right, it was Halloween. We were having a nice time in office.
Every friends group has 1-2 people who are scared of ghost stories or any such thing. We also had 2 friends like this. Our plan that day was to scare these two. So, coffee break was spent planning this whole thing. Our PM was also in this plan; he was to play a major part.
PM was to wear black jeans, black jacket, black gloves, and SCEAM mask (from Wal-Mart cost: $10)
Another friend was to wear black jeans, a t-shirt which had green glowing skull
We at home, had to have our camera and camcorder ready.
Evening 8 PM:
One of the victims was sleeping in one room. We had closed the door. The other one was in the kitchen. The other 2 (i.e. me and friend) were busy on phone, atleast acting to be busy. I was on phone with the PM, informing him about the right time.
The door bell rang. My friend went into the room to fetch something. I was busy on phone to answer the bell. The victim was forced to answer the door bell. Next thing we hear is her scream. We had recorded the whole thing. Her expression was awesome. For 2 mins, she dint realize the prank. Later, all of us started laughing. We teased about her being scared. But I must say, the mask was pretty scary.
8.15 PM:
We could hear victim 2 coming out of the room. We sent these 2 guys out again, repeated the trick. This time Victim 2, screamed even harder. It took her more time to realize it was a prank. She was so scared, she dint touch the mask for a long time. We took quite some time to convince her, that it was just a prank.
After all this, each one of us wore the black jacket, gloves and mask and did some scary walk. We recorded each of this. Then we plugged these to the TV and had a hearty laugh at all this.
It was one of the best days of my life :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sarva Guna sampanna

I watching TV yesterday and I happened to see a trailer of some new serial. I don’t remember the channel or new serial name.

The trailer goes like this:

Girl is studying and her mom comes and asks her to stop studying as that wont help her when she gets married, she wants the daughter to stop all that and help her in household chores. Finally the Sarv guna sampanna (one who is bestowed with all knowledge) girl, gets a nice groom.

Now, learning household is totally fine, but why does the girl have to quit education for the same?

How does it make here Sarva Guna Sampanna if she isn’t a literate? No offense to anybody who isn’t a literate, but isn’t that also a kind of knowledge?

This is on national television. What are they trying to show, education is not important for girls?

Learning household chores and getting married based on your performance on this and good looks is the ultimate goal for a girl?

When so many NGO’s, so many people are striving towards Girl Education, why the hell is a TV serial trying to showcase something else, just for TRPs and money?

Cant they come up with something interesting, than such concepts?

It really irks me when such things happen around me. Be it on TV or in reality.

PS: My mom also told me to learn household chores. She also told me if I don’t learn these, what will my in laws say? But she always wanted me to be well educated and if possible and independent person.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This was the era, when I-phone had just started to become a common phone. Every other person, wanted to have THE I-phone. What better time to purchase it, than thanksgiving and Christmas (SALE, SALE and SALE) when you are in US.

During Christmas, I was in San Francisco downtown with a couple of friends. We had checked in Google maps for the place we wanted to go, we dint take any print outs though. One of my friends has an i-phone. We left the office around 5.30 PM, and followed the map. After walking a couple of blocks, we thought we were lost, searched for a bus stop. We checked the maps there, and continued walking. Our friend with i-phone was happily clicking our pictures, while the 2 of us were breaking our heads for the direction. All this while we were hoping that we had some GPS which would tell us how to go.

Somehow, after some map reading, and asking people we reached the destination. By this time, we were hungry, and wanted to check if any Indian restaurants were available. At that time, my friend announced “Hey, I can search for the restaurant using i-phone”. We both glared at her and said “All this while we were breaking our heads for directions and you just clicked photos, Couldn’t you search for directions?”

All she could muster to say that time was “Oops!! I forgot that my phone has GPS”

Only reason, she was saved by our beatings that day was, we were in public.

Even today, when we talk to each other, we recollect this incident and laugh at it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

One mischief

“Ragini, what are you doing, Let daddy sleep” called out her mom. Ragini, like an obedient daughter came out of her parent’s room and went to the kitchen to see what her mom was doing.

“Mummy, I want to show you something”, she was pulling her mom’s saree.
“I will come baby, let me finish the chocolate biscuits I am making. Then, all of us can eat this together in the evening.”
Ragini went to her room nodding her head. She got busy with her toys, in a few minutes; she slept with her favorite teddy.

After a while, the bell rang, dad happened to open his eyes at that time. “I will get it” he screamed while mom was busy with the special dish.
Murthy uncle was laughing loudly, when Ragini went out.

“Oh Ragini, you adorable kid. Where was your talent hidden all this while? “ was the question posed to her. She was confused, and disappointed to see dad’s face.

From that day, people would come, touch her cheeks, and say “naughty kid”.

15 years later:

The groom hunting was on in Ragini’s household. She heard her parents say, she has always been a naughty kid.

“Few years back, when her dad was sleeping, she silently crept near him and put a rubber band, so that his head had a sprouted fountain, and so much of powder and bindi on the face, making her dad look like a joker.” Mom was telling this story to the prospective groom.

Inside the room Ragini was whispering, “Oh no mom, not again” and then sighed “I do one mischief and it’s stuck to me for life”

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ninantha Appa illa

“Ninantha appa illa…” (there is no father like you) song was on the radio a few days back. That’s when I thought of writing this post.
This made me recollect my relationship with dad.
I have always been closer to mom, regarding anything in life. But, this doesn’t mean dad is of any less importance.

Dad was and is still my alarm clock (when I am at my parent’s house).
In 12th STD, I had taken up the morning class, which used to start at 6.15. My dad used to wake me at 5.30 AM. I would ask for 5 minutes and in those 5 minutes, he would sit on the bed, wait for those 5 minutes and then again wake me up. I would again ask for 5 minutes, but this time, he would wake me up some 5000 times, that I would get irritated and wake up. Then we would leave home at 6, and then he would have to zoom in his scooter to drop me. I would keep yelling, “Fast appa, fast daddy, fast fast fast”. He never lost his patience though, and he would just say, “Why can’t you get up when I come to wake you, the first time” or, “that’s why I told you take the evening batch”. This would happen almost every other day.

During my Engineering days, I once missed my college bus; rather I realized it as soon as I reached the bus stop. My dad was in a Lungi and T-shirt; he drove me to my college which was 30kms from my house in the Bajaj scooter in the same avatar. He still recollects that and tells it to my husband. Even today, he is ready to drive those 30kms to drop me to Infy, if I happen to miss my bus. But I don’t make such a fuss getting up early, so no chance of that.

I have got lot of punishments from mom, but none till date from dad. At his angriest moment, he might have said “you are hopeless”, that’s it. Not a swear word, not even a single hit full of anger.
There was a song which goes like this “Papa ki pari hoon main”. That song just fits my situation. However the movie was, I love that song.

Even now when I go home, he is ready to dance to my tunes, literally. We don’t dance on any music, I just taught him a few moves and I sing and we dance. My mom says, we are crazy, but who cares :)

He was the one who taught me chess and carom; he never lost just cause I would cry, he wanted me to make an effort and win, ofcourse he would play a little easy, but never let me win unless I tried really hard. It’s because of him that I started following sports. We loved watching tennis and cricket together. Ofcourse mom was also interested in those days, so it was family time.

Every evening, I would sit and watch serials with mom and comment simultaneously. After that, I would sit with dad, and both of us would watch movies. Dad dint like movies, mom couldn’t sit through movies. So I would give them company. Ofcourse both of them, would sometimes wonder, if I am watching TV all the time, when do I study :)

There was a time when dad wanted to learn computers. There were times when I would get a little impatient, but then, I remembered the time when he used to teach me Mathematics, and understand what patience actually meant.

I know everybody’s dad is special to them. I also know its Mother’s Day which is nearing. So what?? I feel like writing about Dad today… so Dad, this post is dedicated to you.

PS: The post may not be well composed. But feelings need not be composed all the time :)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gazab Kasab

Kasab, the moment we see this name, it brings out fury, for he has killed so many people in 26/11 attack. Most of the Indians want him dead. When I say dead, it’s not just hanging him; we want to torture him so much that he has to beg for death. And once we are done discussing the million ways to bring his life to an end, we start blaming Pakistan.

Something goes wrong in some part of India, we blame them. We don’t think twice, it might our greedy politicians, or it might even be frustrated common people.

When we want Kasab dead in the most painful way, what do we need to do to the Indians who were involved with him, helping him?

We blame Pakistan for promoting terrorism; we blame them for training their people to create such situations. But are we not all pure and perfect. Does India not nurture terrorism at all?

Do Indians don’t help people like Kasab to enter our country and kill so many people ruthlessly?

There is a saying in Kannada, am sure there will be similar ones in all the other languages. It goes like this “”, which translates to “There is a hole in every house’s dosa”, this means, we keep trying faults in each other, we never realize there is a fault in us too.

Let’s definitely punish people who do wrong things, lets just not blame others as if we are totally right. If Pakistan is nurturing terrorism and bringing out a new batch frequently, we are no less. We are doing the same thing. If you think about it, they are sending these people to other countries; we are doing the self destruction act.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Neither will Dad

“Wow!!! It’s such a beautiful place. Isn’t it Dad?” asked Sushma, while her dad was busy reading the newspaper. She got a cup of hot coffee for him, the usual in the morning. It did not change today, just because they were on a vacation.

Sushma, got her laptop, wherever she went. She wanted to note any new idea that stuck her. She couldn’t let these idea go away. She was a writer after all. She lived her life with her dad and her characters. When her mother, Latha, was with them, life seemed like a fairytale. Her mom told her so many stories. That’s how Sushma inclination towards writing started. She always wanted to write about her parents’ love story.

“A few girls were on a vacation, to this beautiful hill station. One of them was the blue eyed, Lalitha. She was not very fair, or very tall, but there was something which was prominent in her. You could just feel the warmth when you set your eyes on her.”

The alarm rang. It was time for dad’s breakfast. Sushma, got 2 plates of Semiya Upma and hot coffee. She loved tea, but she drank coffee just so that she could give company to her dad. They always came to their farmhouse for vacation. The three of them had so much fun here.

“Lalitha had finished her final year BA, and all the girls wanted to have one last vacation together. They never knew if they would even meet each other after an year and wanted to make the most of it. Just as the girls were walking around, they came across a beautiful estate. They did not see the “trespassers will be prosecuted” board and went in. The estate manager saw the girls enter and reported it to the owner. Just when the owner came out, his eyes met Lalitha. He was speechless, his anger vanished from the face, and he gestured the girls to come in.”

The bell rang, Sushma did not get up from her chair. Dad tapped her chair twice, but she just did not want to leave her story. Finally, after 3 rings, she went to answer her door. It was her dad’s friend, Ashok. She got him a cup of tea.

“The owner offered the girls coffee and some snacks. He asked them about their background, studies, vacation, duration of stay. He offered to show them around. He then called his youngest son”

Sushma, you really shouldn’t have to got your dad here is what Ashok told her. She had tried a lot, but then dad never agreed to go elsewhere on their vacation.

“It had been 2 years since Lalitha and Sumant got married. They had a beautiful daughter and they just adored her. They were staying in the outhouse of the big estate. Sumant was still the manager in the estate. He loved Lalitha, just as much, since the first time he saw her, when she came there with her friends. He always thought, the owner had good plans to make her his daughter-in-law. The youngest son Deepak, tried his level best to woo her. But destiny had other plans. Everyday, the manager accompanied Deepak and the girls and secretly impressed Lalitha.”

Sushma was called by the cook asking, what they wanted for lunch. Then, she helped dad go back to his room, to get a short nap.

“Deepak, was all set to propose Lalitha. He had gone to the city for a few days to get a beautiful gold ring. Sumant knew about the plan, and decided to propose Lalitha before Deepak came back. The evening before Deepak was supposed to be back, Sumant asked Lalitha to join him for dinner. She secretly wished that he propose to her. Instead of taking her to a fancy restaurant, he invited her home. He had cooked all of her favorite dishes. After some time, Lalitha declared that her stomach was full and she could eat no more. He offered her butterscotch ice cream, as she was eating the ice-cream, she saw a ring in the bowl.”

Sushma, kept her laptop aside. She dint want to continue with the story without her dad’s approval. She went to the room to see if dad was awake. He wasn’t on his bed. She then saw his lying on the easy chair. That was the chair, his mom had got him, so that he could sit in the balcony and relax. She went near him and called out to him. Latha’s photo was on his chest. She could see a tears in the tip of his eyes. He had a smile on his face. His eyes were closed. But he looked content. She shook him a little and his hand dropped down.

Sushma understood, she lived with her dad and her characters. Her characters never spoke to her.. Neither will her Dad.