Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ugly mark for our beautiful future!!!

It was in 2008, when I first got the opportunity to vote. I was not very sure whom to vote for. I thought I will be wasting my vote if I randomly went and voted for somebody. Mom and dad went and cast their vote. It was nearly 4.45PM that day when I made up my mind, ofcourse mom dad helped me, and then we zoomed in the Honda active… We went there and dad easily spotted my name in the list, and that was when I cast MY VOTE for the first time.

The ugly blue mark on the index finger, gave me the sense of pride of being an Indian citizen. If not anything else, I atleast now had the right to complain against bad roads in our area, if the chosen ones didn’t do their work.

Last year, I was in Bengalooru, during the election time. There was an event organized in company too for this. It was a good experience to see 4 politicians on one stage, putting across their thoughts. Well that time again, I did vote and get the ugly blue mark on my index finger. I flaunted it with pride, esp. in front of those who did not vote, only to show them, they did not exercise their right.

Ofcourse, there were 2 people in my family who wanted to vote, but their name was not in the list, for no fault of theirs. My Father-in-Law, had gone to the office to make sure all our names were there, and all our names except his name was in the list. Same thing happened with my brother. He was so disappointed, that would have been the first time for him.

This year again on 28th March, we had the BBMP elections. We went this time again to vote. There wasn’t any queue, there were hardly 3-4 people. We thought, since we went post lunch, people must have come early, only to realize this morning, only 46% of Bengalooru did the voting.

To all those who took some time off your relaxing Sunday, Kudos to You for doing a great job.

To all those who had all the time and still thought it’s a waste of time to go and vote – Well next time you complain, think of that as a waste of time too. If you were not sure of whom to vote, or if you thought nobody is eligible to be elected, you could still have chosen the option of not voting anybody. By not voting, you wasted one of the rights, where you could choose someone to better your society. The society in which you live.

On a different note, the ugly blue mark this time is on the right index finger. It’s really ugly this time, is spread all over the nail L Well, I went home and applied some nail polish on the nails, it doesn’t look that ugly, except on the skin.

It’s that ugly mark for our beautiful future!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


A few days back, I saw a girl today crossing the road along with her younger brother. This just reminded me of school days, when my bro started going to school.

We were in Chennai when he started his LKG. I was in 6th. Our school was just 10mins walk from our house. I insisted that I was a big girl and dint need any of my parents to drop me to school. Our morning timings were the same, and in the afternoon mom would come to pick him up.

My routine was always like this:

Mom would pack lunch for us, I would carry both the lunch bags. As we entered the school, my classroom would come on the way, so I would keep my stuff and then continue to go to my brother’s classroom, keep his lunch bag in his room and say bye to him.

Then during lunch time, after my lunch, I would go to my brother’s classroom just to check if he has eaten. There were times when my brother would wait to see me come near his classroom. He would tell all his friends, his “akka” has come to see him.

As we grew older, different timings, different locations, dint allow us this luxury. But yes, even today we check on each other almost daily. Ofcourse, these days it’s not just about lunch.