Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Finally my doc is over

This is too much. So much of hard work. I am sure i had not worked so hard even for my work.
We had to submit this document by EOD as i said before. And i did it just on time.
Went through very few websites though. Infact it was only google and nationmaster. It was really too much. I mean just for the sake of some assignment we had to do all this research :)
Well i got something to fill up in my DART.
Now got to start code review, actually code rereview :)

I am sure now i wont find my work that boring :) :) :) :) :)


Well there's nothing special happening that i can write in the blog. But dunno y today i am in full mood to write things. I wrote some 3-4 mails to friends.

But yes from morning everybody is trying to get info on one of the the countries[US, UK or Saudi]. From past 2 days everybody is trying to get info on this. I had asked one of my friends in US to help me out. But i guess he was very busy, so couldnt get any help from him.

I need to submit the doc by EOD. And i just havent started. I dunno when i am gonna finish this off. But this is damn boring...

Monday, March 28, 2005

Divya- My friend

Hey divya had called up today!!!!!!! I was so happy. It had been nearly 3 months since i spoke to her. She hasnt changed, i mean the way she spoke to me. :) I feel really happy when i get a call :) esp if they are my friends, with whom i can share anything:)
We were very close friends from our 11 std. There was no secret or feelings that both of us dint share. We were so close that 2-3 classmates even tried to break our friendship. But then we had developed a special bond, a special bond of friendship which did not require any words to explain each other. It was like silence was our language.
As they say friendship reaches its peak when 2 friends sit together for a long time and yet dont speak to each other but still feel contended that they have had the best conversation ever.
Well as time went by there were more changes in friendship. We had lot of arguments, misunderstandings. But afterall after overcoming all these hurdles we now share a much mature and a good relationship. We are still close to each other.
Ofcourse now we dont talk for hours in a day as we used to in college, now its just 4-5 calls an year, maybe each call lasts for an hour. But still both know that we still trust each other as before, we still care for each other as before.
We are still there for each other. As always.
I miss u Divya. :)
U have been a gr8 friend

Monday, March 21, 2005

Trip to Waynad - Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We left on Sat morning from Mysore. We reached a place called Sultan Bathery. We packed something for lunch here as we wouldn’t get anything good further. We went to a Jain temple. This was pretty small and wasn’t in a very good condition. Very ancient temple. There was supposed to be a tunnel from this temple to Mysore palace it seems. Something like secret passage. Hehe.

Then our guide said food was packed so we all left from that place, in 15-20 mins we reached a different place [can’t remember place names – a bit difficult to pronounce them]

Here we were supposed to trek and in between we would come across Edakkal cave. We trekked for half an hr and found a place to have our lunch. I went up only till the cave; the view from there was amazing, excellent. I and one more person opted not to go further. I was feeling very giddy so dint want to climb more. So we just sat outside the cave [well the specialty of the cave was – it was one rock split into 2 and there is one rock which looks as if its stuck in between the other 2].

We sat there for half an hr. it was extremely lovely. It was so silent that I could hear only birds chirping once in a while. And the view was mind blowing.

Well we then came back to our van after an hr or a little more than that…

After this our plan was to go to “Meenmutty Waterfall”

Well we had again walk a lot for this up n down. But when we finally reached the falls it was amazing. We were standing in front of the falls and surrounded by hills. It was just gr8 feeling. Some of the guys went to play in the water. We just kept our feet in water and it was so refreshing. After spending half an hr there [couldn’t spend more time as it was getting dark and guide said it was not a very safe place. It seems ppl had caught around 13 king cobras there. I also wanted to catch one hehe] we headed towards our next destination. That was our hotel. It was kind of resort. We reached there had bath, had dinner, played few games, had camp fire, danced till 11.30. None of us had energy to dance but still dint want to miss out the fun.

Then went back to our rooms at around 12.30.

After this we dint have the energy to do anything. Just lied down on the bed and that’s it – ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

On Sunday I woke up at 6.30 [we were supposed to have coffee at 6.30 and get ready by 7.45 for breakfast – most of them opted to skip the coffee hehe. I also thought to do the same but then somehow woke up]

I was in the balcony[coffee was being served in the first floor where we could have a nice view and it was a common sit out] and was sipping hot coffee and could see fog. It was such a beauty. Well I spent half an hr there. Had 2 cups of coffee and was talking over there. Then it was 7 and I realized that I had to take bath and then my roomie also had to get ready so went to my room. By 7.45 both were ready and we went for bf.

Well we had a kerala breakfast – “pattu” and “appam”. It was good. Not that I loved the food. But it wasn’t bad.

Then we had some snaps and finally left from the hotel.

We were heading towards “Pookot Lake” but anyway that got cancelled and we were going to “Kuruva Dweep”. By the name u can assume that this is an island [dweep]. Well it’s an island coz it’s surrounded by the “Kabini” river. We had to cross the river and in a place water was very less so we could cross it on foot. Well the island had trees, trees and only trees Well I climbed one of the trees and got a snap too .

Then we went boating in the river. It was not the normal boating. Instead of the boat it was a raft. It was really good as our raft was half the time about to sink [I really felt I was gonna drown]. After all monkey pranks over there we left from that place. After this it was journey back to Mysore. But in the bus too we had lot fun. Played antakshari, played pranks over each other. We even made a paper crown, whoever was sleeping we kept the crown on their head and took a snap. Well finally we were back to Mysore by 6 in the evening.

Well after that I took rest then went out for an hr. Then slept off by 9.30 or 10. Well that’s it. This was my looooooooooong story about my short trip.

Friday, March 18, 2005

I dont know if i should chat or not

My friend is in US. He is online now. But i am in dilema if i should start the chat or not. I know he will be busy. More than that - we actually had an argument in the morning, so i want him to start of but i know he will not do it. :(

He hardly starts the chat. I feel very happy when he actually does it. But anyway that doesnt matter now....

I generally do this to all my friends. I open my yahoo msngr.... then simply send all my online friends a "Hi"...

Sometimes i send this msg even to ppl who are offline. Coz many of my friends just appear offline :)

But once i did a mistake. I dint want to chat with a guy. but by chance sent a msg to him also :(
And to my luck he replied and i had to chat with that person for an hr :(

Well nowadays i first look carefully to whom i am sending even a hi msg :)

Trip to Waynad

I am going on a trip to Waynad tomorow. This actually with team mates. I mean ex-teammates.
I was in a different project for 2 months last year. And the project got an award - "Best project" in our IBU [Independent Business Unit]. So all of them planned that we'll go to Waynad.

I am very exited about this. But i dont know y i feel something is missing. I dont know y i am feeling so.

But i am surely feeling a bit lonely.

Hope things go fine :)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Good day at Work

I had a nice day in office today. Of course i had work. But did more of research work. Got lot of interesting things to learn. So didn't feel irritated. And i had a lot of discussions and discussions about them so it made them even more interesting... :)

After a long time i am feeling good after my work at office. :)
This really shows that "What u do matters but with whom u work also matters".

:) :) :) Hope i have nice days in future too :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Y do I fight

Today i was so happy, morning i got a call from my friend[from US]. It was so nice talking to him.
But there was a lot of disturbance[it was a long distance call]. But something happened and my friend got angry. He wasnt able to hear my voice and so he thought i was busy with some other work and he became upset. He just cut the phone. I was so shocked coz i was telling him something and suddenly i hear this "I think u r busy with some other work, bye". I did not expect this to happen. :(

But somehow I felt this was not the reason for him getting upset. A similar instance happened last Saturday. There must be some other reason. I have a faint clue, but am not sure if I am right. But I just hope he is fine by evening [his morning].

I just cant imagine myself hurting anybody so much that they have to get frustrated coz of me.

I am not that bad after all !!!!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2005


I used to really like coming to office, but this was initially. There were many reasons. All of us in the project had this helping nature, not being rude to each other and enjoying work, more than thinking it as a burden. Even if somebody had got a negative feedback, everybody used to look into the matter and see to it that such things wouldnt repeat.

Now things have changed. I really feel so bad to come to office. Just the thought that i need to go to office puts me down. There is no interest nowadays. Only thought which comes to my mind is "Should I go to office today" "Cant I take a leave".

I feel that i need a break, but that doesnt mean i want to sit idle. I want to do something. Something which interests me. Something i would do, without anybody asking me to do. I used to do a good work in college. I know it cannot be compared to what we do here. But here, there is no encouragement. Its always a blame game. Though i personally dont like it. i also do it sometimes, else i would be held responsible for things which i havent done too [ obviously, these donot include my contributions]....

Well here i am, today in no mood to work, but still got lots to do and i will do it. But just that "NO MOOD" :(

Somebody solve this :(

Sometimes i feel i am going crazy............... Is that true??????????????????