Friday, January 26, 2007

Unwanted stuff

A person won some money in a TV show... Its been years after that... He has moved on with his life.. others have moved on with their lives... But it seems like media hasn't :)
Why trouble a person who is leading his life the way he wants to...

This person not watching a TV show is a big news and that is on a website.. How pathetic...

And look at me.. i am blogging about this on my blog

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pine Mounatain - Callaway Gardens!!! - Pics

Away from life into Nature...

Peacock on the roads :)

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Do u think this one knows to read the sign... yes it did and just after it did.. it jumped over :)

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What a look

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Slight rainy day..

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The great combat

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Pin drop silence

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Bridges - joining two places together

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Somehow.. life seems so stagnant.. so bored...
Just feel like going away ... and be with people who love you uncondionally...

Sometimes I feel.. I am becoming very selfish.. how can i expect life to be always nice and beautiful...
But then come on... its my life.. it has to listen to me..

So I need to make it better..I call mom and talk to her so much.. I call G and bug him so much..
Then watch a lot of movies... At this rate I will have to download more and more movies

I need to go out and roam around places.. but then all this all alone?? Well if thats how I can make it interesting..So be it :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Do i really need this in my life?? was the first question which came to my mind...
Is it important??
What if I did not have one??
How does it matter??

It should be beautiful.. not so heavy.. have good features... but then shouldnt be heavy on my pocket....

The thought was "Oh God.. How much more should I wait...???"

Finally on 3 Jan 2007.. something happened.. which had never dreamt of even 2 years back...

I was holding it in my hands.... It felt wonderfull... It was beautiful.. A little heavy than expected... but so smooth... I felt a little proud... I felt wow!!!!

I took it to my room... made some place for this... I wanted this to be in front of my eyes.. so nealty arranged some nice place next to me... When I slept that day.. I was just looking at that.. Next day I woke to see that first :)

Reality struck and I finally believed that now I am truly a proud owner of a Dell Laptop :)