Monday, December 21, 2009

Royal Bird

On Sunday, we went to the Royal Enfield showroom to check out the new 500cc classic. G is crazy about bikes, so this was going to be the first on his list.

This is the pic

At first, the guy in the showroom thought, it may not be possible for us to take the test ride, G being the persistent one, somehow got the bike out of the workshop. He took it for a ride and then asked me if I wanted a ride... Ofcourse, I went :)

Things I did not like :

1. Looks - Nothing special. Its a classic, so ordinary looks, esp with the back seat, looks too ordinary... Our Thunderbird has got super looks
2. Feel - It just dint feel like riding a bullet. Well, if it was 500cc, dint feel like it.
3. Sound - Well, seems for the wonderful sound, they would have to add another silencer for Rs.3000. Else, its bullet with no sound !!!!
4. It costs a min of Rs. 1,40,000 on road. Even if we are ready to pay the total amount in cash, it can be delivered only feb end.

Thinks I liked:
Dint like anything... May be I like the thunderbird better.

As for G, I am still not sure if he liked it or not. But I dont think he is ready to pay the price for it... So the thunderbird is here to stay with for a while :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let's do charity instead?

I have read it in many articles, seen it on TV, but fail to understand. Why should we not enjoy just because it can go to charity instead?

Before, anybody thinks I am mean. Let me clarify. People say, instead of doing such and such a thing, you can give it to charity. I agree, charity is a very noble thing to do. But, I don’t understand, just for the sake of charity, why are we depriving ourselves of the little joy.

Let’s say I am spending Rs.1000 on something, it irks when people come and say, it’s a waste of money, and some needy person could have used it better. I agree, but this is my hard earned money. If I feel happy spending it in one way, why should I always think about a needy person. I might be donating a 5000, when I really feel like it. At such times nobody says, oh you really deserved it.

Charity shouldn’t be forced. If people feel like contributing, they will definitely do it. I also think sometimes people do charity more for the peer pressure rather than the actual feeling for it.

Next time, when somebody wants to promote charity, why tell people to kill their desires for the sake of charity. Instead suggest that they can share it with the less fortunate people.

PS: Nobody has come and told me anything like this. But I have seen people saying – Instead of spending money like this they can as well give it to charity. Come on it’s their money, their wish :). I do charity too. I dont need anybody telling me that instead of enjoying I should be giving this money to some one

Friday, December 18, 2009


The incident happened couple of years back. I was at the client office in US. We were used to the people overloading their desks with photographs, magnets, souvenir and lot of stuff on their desk. One of client project managers also had a lot of photographs. He had his wedding picture, Then a picture with 3 beautiful ladies. I couldn’t recognize him in his wedding picture, it was a few years old. There was another picture with one beautiful lady in it. This lady was one among the 3 beautiful ones. I assumed it was the eldest daughter. I went and complimented him.

“Hey Brian, Your daughters are beautiful, especially the eldest one. She is very pretty”

And I pointed to the single picture. “Oh! She is my wife” was his response. This was so embarrassing, I wanted to go and bury my head in shame.

He sensed this, and then comforted me “Not your fault, This picture is 10 years older, and yes she is very beautiful. I take that as a compliment. I am sure my wife would be thrilled to hear this”

I was so relieved, that I just scraped out of the blunder I had just commited.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Attended a session few months back. The instructor said this quote, which makes a lot of sense

The quote :

You tell me, I will forget
You show me, I will remember
You involve me, I will understand....

As I type this, I go back to my 6th standard, where we had to read details about a leaf (botany) and cockroach(zoology).

I am not the kind of person who can by heart/mug things... I need to understand what the topic is all about. I tried my best to read about these 2, but in half an hour I was just forgetting this. And my usual resort for all my problems is just one person –MOM. She has a very good ability to make me understand things. She read the whole stuff and explained it to me. My brain, I think had taken an off that day. It just wasn’t registering in my mind.

Point 1: You tell me, I will forget

Next my mom got a leaf from the hibiscus plant from the garden. She showed me each and every part of the leaf, according to what was in the book. I could slowly remember what a leaf is all about. The same thing with the cockroach. I could remember it for days after that.

Point 2: You show me, I will remember

I had to keep going back to the books to keep my memory fresh. An idea struck and I got a leaf from the plant and read the whole stuff again with the leaf in my hand, I did the same with cockroach(this was yukky!!). And I never had to read this part again as I had totally understood how things were :)

Point 3: You involve me, I will understand

Isnt it amazing that these simple rules are followed in our daily lives but we never realize that all we are doing is following certain techniques :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


There are times when we wake up in the middle of night and wish the sun rises a few hours later than usual.

Last night, I happened to wake up and saw that it was still dark and there were no sunrays trying to peep in through the thick curtains. I thought it might be around 5.00 AM, and I would just have an hour more of the blissful sleep and then the rush for office would start.

I just turned around and checked the time in my cell phone. When I looked at the time, I felt like dancing around, but then I did what was best to do. I slept again peacefully, it was just 2.00 AM

On Call

When you are on phone, and if you happen to be in front of these:

computer or laptop.

On the desktop, keep clicking the right mouse button and then refresh. I wonder what special animation is going to come out of the desktop.

If you have a paper and pen

The artist in you emerges and all sorts of sketches appear on paper. The moment the phone call is done, the pen stops and you don’t know what needs to be done to complete the sketch :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Candles or Charity

Recently, as a mark of respect to the 26/11 victims, lot of drives happened. People payed their homage in many ways. One of this was the candle lighting event. I thought like many other people, what a sweet gesture until I saw this programme in the evening.

I don’t remember the channel or the name of the programme. This is one, which my Father-in-law doesn’t like to miss. There is a senior journalist and every now and then he puts a lot of politicians on the hot spot and asks them some rigid answers to his questions. I like this show too. On 26/11, the guests were a retired army officer, 2 wives of late army officers. One of the ladies runs an organization, which helps the family of the officers who are no longer alive. When asked about the candle lighting event. This is what she had to say:

These are not the exact words, but the gist of what she said.

She respects and is very grateful that people have cared to remember the men who have sacrificed their lives. But, instead of lighting the Rs.5 candle, if they could have just collected that same amount from all of them, it would have actually helped the families.

This made me think. What she said really made sense. Just imagine, even if 10000 people had lit the candles, it would be around 50000. This could have really helped the families. May be the money which was collected by selling these candles were sent to these families. I don’t know what happened, but if such a thing happened then the candle lighting has actually served the purpose.

Whatever may be the way, just remembering them on the anniversary of this incident and then forgetting the rest of the year, is of no use. If we really need to help them and pay our respects, this has to be a progressive activity.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Belts on the seat

“Why don’t you wear the seat belt?” Anvesha yelled at Nikhil for the 5th time in 10 minutes.

Nikhil impatiently replied - “It’s not mandatory anyway”

Anvesha was tired of this excuse “You always wore it when we were in US. Why do you ignore these things when you come back to Bangalore?”

“You can also take it off. It’s free without the seat belt” saying this he took off her seat belt too.

A truck in front of them made a sudden halt and Nikhil put sudden brakes. Anvesha was sitting at the edge of the seat, and the sudden break and collision pushed her forward to the windshield.

This jolt suddenly woke her up. She was happy to see that, there was no collision. Nikhil was just frustrated with the traffic, and was trying to find a way out of there. They were still on Hosur Road. Anvesha checked if she had the seat belt on and drifted back to sleep.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lesson learnt

Traffic in Bangalore is too exhausting. It can teach you the value of time though. Since we take a bus to office, we leave at a certain time daily. We reach office in half an hour. One day we were 5 mins late to the bus stop. Ofcourse, we lost our usual bus, but got another one in 5 mins. But to our dismay, the traffic had increased so much, that we had crossed only 2 blocks in 10 mins. This time it took 45 mins to reach office.

We learnt the lesson, delay of 5 mins caused us a final delay of 15 mins. If we had stayed someplace else, where its only 1 bus every morning. They would value each and every second.

It is said, every place has a lesson to teach, may be Bangalore is trying to teach time management.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bus or plane?

Some people love to travel. I like visiting to places, but I hate the travel part of it. Sometimes I just hope we could just disappear from one place and land in any place of our will in seconds.

Everytime, there is an international travel more than 8 hrs, after you tell your itenary to people, they empathize with you that, it’s a long travel. I was just wondering, will the same people have the same feeling when you are travelling within the country. Sometimes we travel nearly for 10 hrs, in the bus. There is no food available, no restrooms or washrooms available. We are on the seat continuously for these 10 hrs. Sometimes people travel this distance every fortnight. They don’t get the same empathy which is given to people who travel the same number of hours in a plane, with food and restrooms.

Well, we have to be thankful everytime our journey is comfortable. That way our visit to any place will just get better.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Live to Ride, Ride to Live

"Live to Ride and Ride to Live" - is G's favorite slogan. He has it printed on one of his T-shirts too. G is crazy about bikes like I have mentioned it here.

Lot of people dream of sitting on a Harley Davidson, let alone go on a ride. But I am so proud of G, I have had thrice the pleasure of going on a ride on the Harley Davidson....

In India, G has a bullet - Thunderbird.When I was a kid, I dint like bullet since it made lot of noise. Little did I know then, that its the power thats making the noise. Again, thanks to G, that I learnt a lot about bikes. Ofcourse, if it goes too technical, I still dont understand.

But what matters is, G is happy that I love to be his pillion rider. And, I love it that he likes to drive around with me on this powerful motorcycle.

It seems like we are made for each other :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Judge me or no?

Relatives are by chance and friends are by Choice, choose your friends correctly.
This was a sentence I had read in so many scrapbooks.

There was a time, when we had a lot of innocent friendships. It didn’t matter what we could do for each other. No matter, what we thought of each other. This was the time where we grew up with each other. We could tell each other anything, and our friendship would just remain the same or get even better.

As years passed by, we started making thoughtful friendship. We would observe and then try to be friends with people who seemed to have similar interests. As the friendship thickened, we helped each other to become better people. These were the friends, who would celebrate with us when we achieved something, who were our best critics when we did something wrong.

As we move on further in life, we try to analyze people and then want to make a friend. By now, we have grown so much that it becomes difficult for us to take any negative comments from anybody. We assume that people judge us and to be on the safer side, we befriend those whom we feel don’t judge us. But, can anybody be non judgmental?

Ofcourse, not everybody will tell you what they feel about you. Whether somebody is judgmental or not, how would we ever know?

Is it better to have a friend who is not judgmental, but doesn’t even tell what they think about you or is it better to have a friend who is true to you?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Same Same but Different

I used to be a good student in school. But, mom thought it would be better if I spent more time in my studies. I was always a night person. I would study in the nights, but could never read a line in the mornings. TV was my favorite passtime. Even now, on the internet I am on youtube watching something.

Few years back, the conversation would be
Mom : ಓದ್ಕೋ ಹೋಗೆ (Go and read)
Me : Hmm… ಈ break (After the break)
Mom : TV Connection ತೆಗೆಸ್ಬಿಡ್ತೀನಿ (Will take off the TV connection)
Me : (Sadly goes to the room).

Recently this conversation happened

G : Packing ಮಾಡೇ (Do the packing)
Me : Hmm.. ನಾಳೆ ಮಾಡ್ತೀನಿ (will do tomorrow)
G: Internet connection ತೆಗೆಸ್ಬಿಡ್ತೀನಿ (will take off the internet connection
Me: (Now that I have a iphone) No problem, I have 3G now :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I had no idea about blogging, before a friend introduced me to this virtual world. This is my journey of blogging. I was excited that there is a place on the internet, for the stuff I write. As days passed by, I would write about trivial incidents, some good thoughts, some travelogues. There was even a time where I would write some mundane things too. Later, I began to be discreet about some feelings.

Initially I sent the link to a few friends and I would insist G, that he read my blog and give his opinion. He was the biggest critic. It was always about grammar and spellings. It was never about my ideas or my opinions. Once I used a friend's name, and I got a big lecture, as to how I am not supposed to reveal anything on the internet. After this, I stopped insisting that he read my blogs, as I never got any word of encouragement from him.

G loves my writing, but on the internet, he was not very comfortable about it. We even had a few tiffs about this, but I was persistent and dint give up blogging. Somehow, even though we have our opinions on each other’s doings, we still don’t give up some things, just because we love each other. If, at that time I had given up blogging, I am sure nothing path breaking was missed, but I would have lost my space and that’s something which I am proud of. I am no big writer. I might just have a couple of readers, but the best part here is, I don’t write for anybody else. I am the person who is most eager to see a new post coming up on my blog.

Coming back to G. As I mentioned earlier, I stopped irritating G to read my blogs. One fine day, I told him some incident and he said, I read that in your blog. I was surprised and happy (thought I was calm outside). My mind was celebrating inside and outside I was this calm and satisfied person. But, he still did not like that I was on the internet. So, I decided never to ask him if he ever reads or not.

Last year, a few friends of his, said they read my blog. I was happy to know that. In a way I felt sad that, other than my husband, everybody else who reads my blog is appreciative of it in one way or other. I still did not ask for his opinion. Now, he reads it every now and then. Infact, when I wanted to change the look of the blog, he even offered to help me. Sometimes to irritate me, he opens the blog in front of me and starts reading it aloud. Even today all he does is point out grammatical and spelling mistakes. I have come to terms with this. Bottom line is he reads it and I am happy about it. I hope someday you actually tell me what you think about my blog.

So G, all I want to say is I Love You and thank you for being such a loving husband. This just goes to prove that, whether you are poles apart in your thinking or you are on the same page, love just makes life beautiful.

Home Alone

Alisha, smart and brave kid, just moved to Bangalore with her parents and kid brother. She was pretty good in her studies. Since they had just moved to Bangalore, they were staying in a rented outhouse. It was a single bedroom house, but they could easily manage. There was a very big park in front of the house and Alisha went there daily to play with her friends. There was a old man in the park, none of them liked him. He was a little weird, but Alisha and her friends always ignored him.

One evening, her kid brother fell ill and was to be taken to a doctor. Her mom and dad wanted Alisha to accompany them. But she had to prove to them that she was a big kid now and that she could stay alone for a couple of hours. So her parents, left her in the house, ofcourse they told the owner who stayed right in front of the house.

Half an hour and Alisha sincerely was doing her homework. She heard the sound of their gate. She wondered that it was too early for her parents to come back from the doctor. She waited for some time. She heard weird sound, she could see from the translucent window. She saw a white shirt. She remembered her dad wearing a grey one when he left. Also, there was no knock on the door, so, it couldn’t be her parents. Now the height where she saw the shirt resembled the old man’s height. She couldn’t imagine why the old man was here. What the hell was he doing at the window? She dint know if she could muster the courage to open the window and peep outside. But she was getting terrified from what she saw outside. Slowly she moved to the kitchen, and after some time began crying. She couldn’t understand why the old man was following her, she never even gave him a disgusting look at the park, unlike her friends.

Lucky for her, the landlady happened to hear her crying and came to the kitchen window. Alisha was so relieved to see a familiar face, she told the owner lady, that somebody was at the door. Finally, when she came there, all she found was a white shirt hanging on the clothes line. Alisha couldn’t believe that inspite of being a brave girl, she was fooled by this. Within half an hour, her parents came back.

Everybody had a good laugh at this. But for Alisha, it was a life changing experience. After this, she was never scared of living alone in the house.


I was excited to go back home after an year. The flight to Frankfurt was packed. I was just getting comfortable in my seat, a man in my adjacent seat, smiled. I returned the smile. We started talking and then he just popped this question. I don’t remember what the conversation was about, but this question has just made a place in my heart. The man was originally from Karachi, Pakistan, who was settled in US. He spoke pretty good Hindi. Infact, until he told me, I assumed he was from Northern part of India.

The question he asked me was – “Aap Hindustan se hain?

I was shocked at this question. I have been asked several times if I was from India, but never been asked if I was from Hindustan. I don’t know why, but this question just added to my excitement.

Its been more than 2 years since this incident happened. But this part of our conversation has been etched in my mind.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Diwali 2009

Deepavali or Diwali, is the festival of lights. It’s a time to wish our loved ones and ones around us for prosperity. Its time to clean up the house and mind to throw away all the dirt. Its time to burst the crackers and celebrate. Well, this time we dint get to burst any crackers, but we did manage to do the rest of it.


This was our first Diwali together. Last year, we were in different places, so this one was really special for us.

Saturday morning, started with a small Pooja, and an early brunch. Initially, we thought of going for a movie, we took a small nap instead. Evening was supposed to be a visit to the temple for a view of fireworks and then a potluck dinner at a friend’s place. We had decided on taking bisibele bhat for the dinner, so after our tea, G started on that. Around 8.30 we started for fireworks in the SwamiNarayan Temple. Well, by the time we reached near the temple, the fireworks were nearly over. So we headed back, so that we could have dinner. Since it was a potluck, we had lots of stuff to eat. There were so many sweets, rotis, dum aaloo, mix veg, gajar halwa, bisibelebhat. We were back home by 12.30 AM.


Sunday wasn’t a busy day, we just went for a movie and then dinner, with friends.
Monday, we had invited friends over for dinner. Its always a nice feeling to have people over for dinner. Also, decorating the house on these special occassions has always been my passion. Earlier, mom and I, would get new floating candles, new sheets for the diwan, new cusion covers for the sofa. It would just give a fresh look to the house. Well, I plan to do a lot of these things, but for this time, I got a lot of candles and flowers and tried to decorate a little bit.


The dinner was good too. Although this time I made limited quantity, as everytime I would have lot of food left over. But I must say, I was satisfied with the taste and so was G, I think our friends were too. I made vegetable cutlets, poori, mutter paneer, vegetable rice. G made awesome fruitsalad custard. Since it was a weekday, we had to wrap up the get together pretty early.


I must say I will cherish our first Diwali forever.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sambar, Rice, and Spoon

Cookery shows have been my favorite since I was in school. Although at those times I used to tell my mom to make all those dishes. Recently, I have made some stuff, following these shows. It's kind of fun. Once in a while, I even see those clips, where I already know how to make the dish. I do this, just so that, I can see some difference and try it out.

So, I was watching this sambar recipe. Well, incidently, I know to make sambar, with the powder (which mom/M-I-L make) or ones where we grind the powder. Now, anytime anybody asks me, how do you make sambar? there is no single recipe. Every house, mind you, not every community or every caste, but every house has its own taste of sambar. The sambar powder mom makes is different from what my M-I-L makes, and who knows, someday, I might have my own recipe(thats in the far future). So, I just tell them the basic recipe if they already have a powder.

Now coming back to the show, the chef prepared the sambar, and for the taste, he mixed it with rice and started eating it. He was eating with spoon. As he ate 2-3 spoons, he kept on thinking what was missing, and then he realized, it was the spoon.
He makes this statement " Sambar, Rice, and Spoon, never go together". I was laughing out loud when I heard this. I have heard this a lot of times since my childhood "Who eats Sambar Rice with spoon?? " and sometimes its totally true. Atleast at home, most of us grew up eating our food using our hands without spoons. Exam times, study times were different when we would have the liberty to use spoons, but otherwise it was always hands.

Infact, until I had a lot of north Indian friends, I dint even seem to notice. Well I have seen them using spoon for a dosa. I have never understood that part. My roommate was one such girl. She used to make the dosa piece into a cone and put in sambar using a spoon and then eat. I would lose interest in eating dosa in such a way. Some of us even tried to tell her, how we eat it, but i guess she never left her comfort zone.

Well, all you people who feel eating rice and sambar using your hands is weird, let me tell you its not. Infact, using the spoon for this very reason is injustice to rice and sambar :)
Well, on a different note, when I go to Indian restaurants in US, and I happen to eat sambar rice I use the spoon, only because, I am lazy to go and wash my hands in restroom and they dont give a finger bowl here. But at home, it's always my god-made spoon :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

A place of worship or discrimination

You go in with faith and you see discrimination. How would you feel?

Temples are one of those special places, which give a boost to the level of faith in God. This is one place, where people find peace of mind (I somehow dont, but some people I know believe in this).
How does it feel when in such places you see discrimination? We have seen that in so many temples.

Lets take the temples near our homes in India. The purohits give special preference to people who are regulars at the temple. Why?

A few temples, you dont get the theerta (holy water), unless you give the purohits dakshine (offerings)(mentioned about this here). Why corruption in temples?

Then comes Sabarimalai which is the abode of Lord Ayyappa. Girls/Ladies of age group 12-50 arent allowed here. The are so many stories and theories to this. But the same God can be worshipped by all ladies elsewhere. It's only in this place they arent allowed. Why would god discriminate? If he did, wouldn't this rule apply in all the temples?

I wonder if there is a Godess temple, where men aren't allowed!

Well, the reason this post has found a way in my blog is because of a temple I visited a few months back, and came back home angry. Yes, you read it right, ANGRY.

Now, this is the Swami Narayan Temple. It's got beautiful architecture. The moment you enter the temple, you actually dont look for the god, but the architecture. This is the same one as the Akshardham Temple in Delhi. I havent seen this one yet, but have been to 3 of them in US. One in Chicago, other in Atlanta and another in Houston. Below are the pictures of the Houston Swami Narayan Temple.






Beautiful!!! Isn't it?

Well, we were waiting for sometime, so that it would open up for Darshan. As we were waiting, saw a board which meant, Men will stand in front and Women will stand at the back during Arathi. We were a little confused as to why we would have to stand seperately. Seriously, it was not because we are husband-wife, its not even that we had to stand seperately. But why, guys in the front and ladies at the back.

I am not being a feminist here, even if it was the other way around, I would have asked this same question. Why, in the name of Godm are you doing this discrimination? Its nothing to do with equality or anything else. It's plain faith. A friend of ours was sitting in the front, and she was asked to vacate that place, as the guys were to stand there. What kind of rule is this?

We scream our hearts out in the name of racial discrimination, we shout so much for equality. But, when people do such things in the name of God, we just sit, and watch. I, felt ashamed that day, as i was silent and didn't question anybody. I wouldn't blame the men for this. Women have accepted this, and thats why its continued. We keep quiet, just coz its in a temple. And since, we are taught from childhood, we shouldn't question certain things related to god, we don't question such discrimination.

Aren't we all hypocrytes? We preach, everybody is equal in God's eyes. And then we do something shameful as this. Are we not responsible for such deeds???

Disclaimer : I have no idea why its done like this. If anybody believes that its right and have good reasons for it... Good for you. I still dont think its the right thing to do.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Routines or Memories

We stayed in Mysore for a few months after our wedding... These months were when we were always together except office, and there were times when I used to steal my moments from our time.
I always used to wake up G by 6, asking him to unlock the gates. He would get so furious, and most of the times I would end up doing it at 6.30, then getting the milk and paper from the door. I was always the first one to read the newspaper. It was fun. I used to read the sections which interested me and watch the milk from boiling over simultaneously. Later when G started to read the paper and our conversation would go like this.

Me(giving the cup of coffee to him): Oh! did u see this happened???
G : I just opened the paper
Me : Oh ok...
G (reading silently and sipping his coffee)
Me : What do you want for breakfast
G : Anything will do
Me: What do I pack for lunch
G: Whatever is convinient to you
Me: You never help me decide all this... Now, are you done with reading, go take bath. blah......blah....blah.....
G: I am still reading
Me ( banging whatever is in my hand) : Fine, I'll go, you watch while the maid is cleaning... (murmuring some other stuff). Fill water in thr filter, clean your cup
G: Hmm...

Me(coming out of bath): You are still drinking coffee and reading paper, you dint fill water, u dint do this.. you dint do that.. I have to do everything here. I am not going to fill water in the filter, thats your part.
G: I know baby... I'll do it.. Relax...

In the evening, once home, we would decide what we want to see on TV. We had the Dish network... yeah yeah... dish Karo Wish Karo... Yeah right!!! You wish#$@

G: Do you want to see Star Movies
Me : Naah!! I want to see the dance show
G: Thats boring, lets watch the Bruce Lee
Me: Noooooooooooooooo
G: Come on its fun
Me: Dance show...
G: I cant watch a dance show
Me: I cant stand Bruce Lee
G: Ok.. let me take out the set of DVDs
Me: No English movie (come on they were all action movies... bruce lee kinds)
G: Well no hindi movie either (as if he had any)
Me: Ok lets watch animation.

And so we did, after much discussions we used to watch movies which both of us could manage to watch.

Later G would do his part of the chores. I would think I am just wasting my energy reminding him. But then, if any of this dint happen on any day, I would feel something missing. I dont if G ever felt like it. But I am sure he loves those days too.

I loved the way, we had started to build our sweet little world. It surely wasnt perfect. But I loved it. It was ours, just ours.

Things have changed now, we have understood each other better. We yell a lot less at each other, so many times things get done without saying much to each other. I think this is just another phase of life, where we just grow together. We even sit and watch programmes together, I still dont like the bruce lee movies. I just go, do the kitchen chores or read a book or just lie down on his lap when he his watching this. As per my programmes, I make sure I am done with them before he comes home.

But I just miss those wonderful times we had in our home. I know they are only memories now. We will never get back those days back, but, I surely hope, we will build a lot of new memories which we will cherish all our life.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Austin Trip

Austin, capital of Texas is 160-170 miles from Houston. This place was one of the first trips we took after I came to Houston. We went there with friends. It was a 3 hr drive, we reached there a little beyond lunch time. So we just stopped at a place and had bisibele bhat, sabudana khichidi, pickles and papads.






We then headed towards Lake Travis. The plan was to rent a boat and have some fun time. Since we reached late, we couldnt get the speed boat, but we did get a pontoon boat. We had an hr till we could get this boat. So few of us took ride on the jet ski or wave runners. It was fun. But, it was too hot.


Finally, when we got on to the boat, we sat in the shade for a while, just roaming around the lake... Riding this doesnt need much of training, so all of us tried to ride the boat and it was complete entertainment. We spent nearly an hour in the lake with boat just roaming on the lake...





We then left to Austin Capitol. Well, I wouldnt say it was as good as the one in Washington DC, but it was amazing in its own way. We just did a round of this, took a couple of pictures, then headed for dinner and then back home.




This was a trip to be cherished forever.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Your money, my money, whose money is it anyway??

We were discussing about a new hindi movie, how the guy sees 12 girls in 6 days and decides to marry one of them in 10 days. Its a story very near to what happens these days. The guy comes to India for vacation, sees a couple of girls and then marries.Well, as the discussion went on, we went to to tell a few stories which we had heard. Then came one story, there is a working couple, the girl's family needed some money and the guy asked why she was sending money to her parents. Few months back, when I was with roomies we had a similar discussion.

One girl said, she should have told him that its none of his business. I would have vouched for this, if I wasnt married and dint know what it meant to be married. I am not trying to say what anybody said was wrong. I am just trying to tell that, certain problems dont have clear cut solutions. Also, the way you look at things might change after you are married. Well, if people claim that they know how things change once you are married, or who say "I have lot of married friends and I know how they think". Trust me, you can only see the surface of whats between them. However good or bad the relationship seems, its only the surface. Its obvious the couple dont tell you their best or worst times. Like any thing else in this world, you have to experience this, to know it. There are certain things which we pledge not to change in our lives, but we do later, not due to the pressure, just because the situation is such, and we want to do it for our loved one.

There is a very popular saying in which it seems Girls say to the husband - "Your money is my money, my money is my money". Well whoever said this, I have one question for you. What happened to all that "women are equal to men"? First thing, if ladies want to spend the money on their family, go ahead, there is nothing wrong, but there is nothing wrong in discussing this with your partner. If you feel thats wrong, then stop checking your partner's bank balance Its none of your business too. Isn't it unfair on the guy, that he has to account for everything and ladies shouldn't be questioned. Ofcourse I do agree in our society guys are not questioned for a lot of things, but we are, so ladies also shouldnt have these obstacles or vice versa. I agree to that too. Lets do something, were both can come to agreeable terms.

Ofcourse, all the discussion can happen only if the guy is understanding enough. If, he is being a nut case and denying it, then you can think of different solution. But on the first place, before marraige did both of them discuss on this aspect. These days, be it love or arranged, girl and guy usually get a chance to talk to each other. If not personally, they atleast interact through other media. So, instead of asking which colour they like, or what is the favourite vacation spot, can't both of them discuss topics like these, which matter more. Wont this help you in choosing your life partner than the colour or vacation spot. I agree that you cant start off with such things. But once you reach a comfort zone, cant these be discussed? There are a lot of things which cant be discussed, since we can never anticipate what problems we might face. But whatever comes to your mind at that point of time, which is practical.

Today, most of the girls are financially independent. But when you are getting married, are you not committing yourself to your life partner. We still expect the girl to do the household work, along with careers. We fight for this, saying guys also need to participate. Some guys might claim that its not their part and that in the rules of marraige (if any), girls do this work. We girls, protest and some times get it our way, where there is distribution of work. Inspite of this, why do some of us still think that guys should provide. Is this not hypocrisy? Shouldnt this relationship inspite of financial independence, have the emotional dependency.
G always says there is always a difference between independence and freedom. We need to realize this difference.

Coming back to finance. This is my funda is "Your money is our money and my money is also our money".

Its said that Love is magic. Its also said "Falling in love is very easy. Staying in love is difficult". Getting into the wedlock is easier, staying in the marraiges is a 24*7 occupation. I may not have decades of experience in this, but half a decade of commitment and an year + of marraige has taught me this. And it takes a couple to keep this going. So, its better to sort this financial issue as early as possible. Comeon, dont you have other problems to work on... Like who's gonna ccok today :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

To eat or not to eat

I dont remember a time when I have liked Cauliflower. Sometime when I was young, I associated this vegetable with human brain. I still dont know why, but after that, I hav never ever liked anything made of this vegetable. I would rather eat plain rice, chapati with ketchup instead of Gobi sabzi. My mom tried several tricks so that I could eat this. But the moment I saw this vegetable in any dish, I used to throw a tantrum and never ate it.

Years later, once when mom tried Gobi Paratha, I liked this vegetable a little bit. Ofcourse, this was because, the vegetable was kinda mashed and I couldnt see the florets. Then one day we went to one of the fast food joints (The shanti sagar types). We had gobi manchurian as an appetizer. I tasted one, with reluctance and then there is no looking back. Gobi manchurian is my favorite appetizer ever.

It seems strange that I still hate anything else made of this vegetable, unless it very finely chopped and I cant see the florets. But Gobi manchurian, I can have it any time of the day. Its very sad that, most of the Indian restaurants in US, dont serve this. In India, we categorize this in chinese dishes. But I have never seen it in Chinese menu either. May be it completely Indian and just because we have Soy Sauce, we call it Indo-Chinese. Anyway, for all I care, I love this and was missing it a lot in US.

Since I am on the cooking spree, I tried this at home. And I must say, it was awesome, it was 99% like the ones we get in India...

Here's a pic of what we ate. G loved it. We finished the whole plate in a few minutes.


Pooris were our favourite when we were kids. We could gobble up the hot pooris anytime of the day. Those were the days, when people were not obsessed with fat-nonfat, oooo will I become fat sort of things.

Mom used to make excellent round and fluffy pooris. I used to love bursting the those. We would have it with Chole, Rajma, Sagu,Aaloo sabji. There were times when we had it with cabbage, beetroot sabjis too. Mom realized that she could get us to eat vegetables which we dint like with pooris. She then started making palak and beetroot, green pooris, red pooris so yummy and healthy too.

Well, it had been days since we ate pooris. I was trying out some new curry for chapatis. And then thought, why not make pooris instead. So this became our lunch for the day.

Poori and Pitla.


Pitla it seems is a Maharashtrian dish. Its made of Chickplea flour,onion, tomatoes and spices. Seems, its usually eaten with Bhakri.

Well I just made a poori-pitla combination and it tastes yummy :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hooked.. booked.. cooked

I happened to see a programe "First Ladies". Its all about the wives of famous people. Anyway, in this show, there is a section "HOOKED BOOKED and COOKED".

Now I can understand what HOOKED means, probably who proposed whom... I didnt understand what BOOKED means...
Finally, whos' getting COOKED. Well, I think in any marraige, it takes both of them as to how the life goes on... So both of them get cooked. And I must say, as time goes, and cooking is on, there is a fanatastic aroma and an awesome taste. The same way, once the couple are cooked with spices of life, the relationship just gets better and better.

Well, it takes both the partners for a successful marraige. HOOKED, BOOKED or COOKED, as long as both of them work on it, that is all matters.

Cooking expeditions...

When I first came to US all I knew was to cook some basic stuff. There was lot of work pressure those days. So cooking time was like relaxing time. I used to call Mom and ask for new reciepes. Slowly I learnt more about cooking. There were times when the food used to be a little messed up. The saviour would again be mom. I would tell her the problem, and she would give me a solution. This way, I learnt some tricks and tips too.

Recently, I developed this interest of trying new reciepes again. So, I tried to make some Khandvi 2-3 weeks back. It was pretty simple to make, but only problem I had was to flatten it. I succeded to some extent, and it was tasty. To add in my touch, I sprinked some sprouted green moong. We enjoyed a nice evening snack :)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Krishna nee Begane Baaro

Krishna Janamashtmi has always been my favorite festival since the time I have known myself. This is one day in the whole year, where I can sacrifice food and even water until dinner time. Last year we were in India for this festival. At G's place its not celebrated at a grand scale. The previous night G dropped me to mom's house and the next day, it was celebrated at the usual grand scale.

At home its usually celebrated like this. This pic was taken in 2005, the first year I missed the celebrations.

This year, I wanted to celebrate it with as much resources available here. And it was not bad at all. We set up the mantapa, decorated with flowers and fruits.

I made doodh peda, coconut burfi and kachoris for the pooja.

We did the panchamrutha abhisheka and then the pooja.

On the whole we had a nice pooja, and I was very happy.


At first, we thought of inviting friends that day for dinner. Since I was busy in the morning, preparing the sweets and making the other decorations, we thought it would be better to invite the next day.
The next day we had friends for dinner. It was complete fun. I had made vegetable puff, paneer-cucumber-tomato salad, bisibelebhat, veg-tofu fried rice, puliogre. And, I hope all of them enjoyed the dinner.We played UNO (card game). After dinner, we played Dumb Charades. All of us had nice fun. After the tiresome, Friday and Saturday, we had quite a relaxing Sunday, and we ended our weekend with a movie.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Koi roko na

This song was playing in the background, and I was telling this story to G, the nth time.

Its still so fresh in my mind...

Golden days :)

Aane waala pal.. jaane waala hai

Aane waala pal.. jaane waala hai.. hosake to isme...

This is a very famous song from Golmaal (1979)

The movie itself is awesome. Its entertaining till the end, and I have watched this multiple times
This is the title song and I used to love this song Golmaal hai

12 years back, I knew the screenplay of this movie. But at that time, I hadnt noticed the aane waala song much, until somebody sang this.

We had been to a Himachal trek when in school. Our camp leader was a very good singer. One evening when all of us were enjoying the camp fire, we all requested him to sing. He announced that he is gonna sing a song from Golmaal, I thought it would be the title song, since it suited the situation etc etc. But then he started singing this. It was awesome listening to the song.

Aane waala pal

The next time I saw the movie, I waited for this song. I realized that somehow i had never noticed this song in the movie.

Sometimes in life there are certain things we never notice, but when someone else recognizes it, thats when we realize, it was there all the while. We just failed to notice it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ganesha banda kaayi kadabu tinda.. chikka kereli bidda dodda kereli yedda

Usually Gowri and Ganesha festival come on consecutive days but this time it was on the same day. The best part was it was on a Sunday. The whole of Saturday went in cleaning the house. In the evening, we went for the festival shopping. We even got the water immersible Ganesha idol. I was extremely happy after this.

Sunday morning, I woke up around 7. After last minute cleaning and a nice wash I started off with cooking. I was juggling with cutting vegetables and cooker and rice and coconut. I can say that I was in a mess and totally confused. I was just thinking how mom did all these things at home, and I never even realized it all these years. Anyway I was nearly done by 10.30, so got ready for the pooja and by 11 AM we started the Gowri Pooja.

This went on for an hour. After this G did the Ganesha pooja. After both, it was lunch time. I had made sambar, mango rice, channa daal kheer (kadle bele payasa), kosambari (carrot, cucumber salad)and Modakas.

G's friend had got sajjige (rava ksheera). We had our lunch and then headed for the temple. Since the temple was a bit far, we took a small nap on the way. In the evening we did the visergane and went to friend's place for dinner. On the whole we had a wonderful festival. An extremely hectic day had come to an end.

A few years back, the festival meant only fun. Previous day we would go with a basket to the nearby shops. They would have so many colourful Ganapathi and Gowri idols made of mud. We would spend time to check the idols and selecting the idol was one major task. Then, the basket would be filled with hay and very carefully both the idols would be placed in the basket.
The next day, early morning we would be woken up and shooed into the bathroom for a long oil bath (this was one thing I used to hate during festivals). Once this is done, our new dresses would be ready and we would be completely ready for the pooja. It was always me, who did the Gowri pooje and bro who did the Ganesha pooja. And when the time came to offer prasada to God, all the items would appear from kitchen magically. We would never know when mom prepared all this. After the yummy food, we would either play or watch TV. In the early evening, we would go to our uncles and aunt's houses for Ganesha Darshana. Then visit the temple. Finally late in the evening we would do the visarjane.

On the whole, the festival was fun back then, its been fun this time too. Just that, the roles have changed in life...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Concerts on the go

Since I am writing about concerts, I thought its a good time to mention about another concert. A week after this one, we were to attend the concert from Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan.

At first we thought it was on a Saturday. So on Friday at 5, G called up asking me to get ready. Thanks to G's friend (she helped us in the getting the ticket), she reminded him about it. So we had a very early dinner and reached the venue around 8.00.It was the basket ball stadium. There werent much people when we reached. But by 9.00, it was packed. I was so excited that I would hear Sonu and Sunidhi LIVE.

In the beginning, the show started off with some guy, Ayub Khan, singing a couple of songs. He was a terrible singer, but I must appreciate his guts to come and sing in front of a stadium full of people.
After this, there were a couple of dance performances. After half an hour of all this extra stuff, we finally got Sunidhi Chauhan on stage. It was amazing to see her perform. The energy she had was awesome. She sang continuously for more than an hour. Off she went on a break, and came in the host to introduce Sonu Nigam to the crowd. And then came the smart guy on stage with the magical voice. It was a wonderful listening to voice which made people stand on their feet and start dancing.

The energy with which both of them performed do show why they are in the position they are today. The concert ended around 1.30 AM and I must say it is a concert I would remember for a long time now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dont push!!!

We have been getting newspapers everyday for quite some days. We haven't subscribed for it and yet there is a bundle on the front door everyday. We even tried to nore it and hence dint pick up the paper for a week, but it just kept bundling up. The guy comes early in the morning, so we can't tell him directly. Its so irritating, that when you dont want certain things, they are just forced upon you.

Some people just DON'T get the message. We are ignoring you, means we dont need you. So, please stop forcing yourself on us. We hate it, but can't tell it :(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tak dina dhin

Music is something which most of us like. I am not a very big fan of classical music. Neither am I a fan of western music. Its just the mood I am in, and any kind of music can interest me anytime. And I don't care much for instrumental music too.

When G told me there is a concert by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Ustad Zakir Hussain, I was not totally thrilled, but I did want to go to the concert. So off we went in the traditional attire to the first ever classical concert of my life. We reached a few minutes late, but that was ok, since the show had just started. The first performance was just the flute and I was just trying to get into the groove. After a while I had quit trying, I was getting into the groove.

The real entertainment started when the tablas started, it was just superb. There were moments where I did have goose bumps. The part I loved the most was the jugalbandi, how the flute and tabla were competing with each other. The whole auditorium was just deafened with the applause, so many times. And most of the time it was not coz of the crowd, I did that on my own. I never thought I could like instrumental music this much.

I must say, it was one of the curious evenings and it just turned out pretty interesting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bikey bikes!!

G loves bikes. So much that he always wishes we had a bike instead of a car. I am all supportive of that idea, just that car is a necessity here and we have to have it. The other day somebody offered the Hayabusa 2000 as a trade for our car. G was so tempted, but then he realized that currently its not possible.

When he told me this, I was happy that he was being so responsible. But felt very sad too. Its like a dream bike and this is "so near yet so far" situation. I just hope someday we get to own anything G dreams of.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Raksha Bandhan

Courtsey: Google

I have always loved this festival. Although being a south Indian this is not in the tradition. I think I was in 7th when we started this at home. Mom had got the rakhi, I had no clue what it was, that's when mom explained this to me. I was thrilled, if not anything else but by the gift part. My bro was super excited coz he could show off in class. Well this was what we both felt the first time we celebrated the festival. But as we grew, this became more important. Ofcourse a thread wasnt required to stregthen our bond, but it would just be like re-emphasizing on the bond we share.

When in school there was one year, where I tied Rakhi to a few guys in my class too. But after that never ever did I tie Rakhi to any guy other than my brothers (including cousins). I always feel that, when we cant just give the place of parents and spouse to any random person, even brothers and sisters cant be made just by tying a rakhi. Once a friend of mine wanted me to tie the rakhi his sis had sent. I told him my reasons of why I wouldnt tie it to him. Thats when he said "You are my sis here rite?" Somehow that felt very genuine and I tied him Rakhi. Today we are not in constant touch, but we do know whats happening with each other... and yes every Rakhi I do wish him and ask for a gift :)

Well back to my bro, I am very lucky to have A as my bro. He has been my friend ever since we know each other. We have fought with each other like we would kill each other. We have pulled each other's hair. We have covered up for each other in front of mom. Ofcourse me being the elder one was more protective of him. Most of the time I would protect him from mom's scoldings. My theory was "I am the only person who can scold or beat my bro". As we grew older the age difference between us is reducing. I can have a conversation with him, which I can with my friends now. He is a pretty cool headed guy, I have hardly seen him getting angry. Sometimes I feel he is more mature now than I was at his age.

He is also very protective about me. He will make sure that I dont go through any trouble. There was once incident which made me realize that my bro is now protecting me. We used to go for Yoga classes probably when I was in 11th. It was a long walk from home. That particular day me and bro were walking holding our hands. There was nobody else on road. I always walked toward the roadside and he was on the innerside. We saw a cyclist coming in our direction. Me and bro were talking about something. When the cyclist was nearing us, bro very smoothly left my hand and came to the roadside and held my handside so that the cyclist wouldnt even get an opportunity to go past me. I was so touched by this incident. Even now he is still the same. Ofcourse he's lost the smoothness and tells me to come aside or move aside (as if I dont know). But sometimes its nice to be bossed around by him.

He is my younger bro, but at times behaves like a elder one. Till date I have never heard him call him by name. Its always Akka. Even if he has to scold me. A few cousins of mine still tease him, but that doesnt bother him. May be after so many years I am so used to it that I wont be able to digest if he calls me something else.
I miss him a lot. Both of us know its no longer possible to be together, but we know we will always be there for each other in any circumstances. That's my promise to him. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful brother

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Plastic meltdown

I was preparing tea today, and suddenly remembered an incident.

Bro loved to drink his Complan in the Complan cup (which we got with a bottle of complan). Mom had kept milk in the cup and it had been a while, so she just asked me to heat it up. I was in 7th std at that time. I promptly went to the kitchen, switched on the stove and very neatly kept the plastic cup right above the flame. In a minute, I could see milking dropping out of the cup. I got tensed and called mom.

Mom got a shock at this. She asked me why I dint pour that in a steel container. The cup had melted and gotten into a weird shape. I was in the verge of crying, I forgot that plastic melts. How could I? But I learnt my lesson after that. I can never forget that plastic metls on heat :)

Ofcourse with all this going on, bro was a little upset that his favorite cup was gone. But then the next month a different nice looking cup mafe its way into our house and this whole incident was just wrapped up.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Relationships are so complicated sometimes. We try to focus on one and lose out on the rest. Multi tasking is surely important sometimes. Ofcourse this is more important in case of all the close relationships which are important to us. Life is similar to a journey, and as in life, we make so many relationships here too. But what about those which just come on your way in this journey? How much importance do we give this?
The new relation is just a couple of months old, and its actually not directly affecting your journey in any way. But if you feel, this is disturbing the journey, isnt is better to clear the air off so that it doesnt came in your journey later on? But in this process if we end up hurting our near and dear ones, thats wrong too, isnt it? How can we decide what needs to be given importance, and what can be ignored?
Probably growing with life gives us this clarity. Maybe having the right life partner helps you see all this in a different light. Whatever it is the factor which is outside your brain sometimes helps you take the right decision.
Howmuch ever importance is given to momentary problems/solutions will just fade away in life, but the ones you give importance will stay with you till the end of the journey and remind you what you did all your journey.
Open up your heart and your brain, think before you decide, prioritize whats important in life, and finally go ahead with the decision the heart and brain mutually agree...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yeh Chai Mastani

Pic courtsey : Google

I have always loved Tea over coffee... So many people have wondered why I dont like coffee being a south Indian... Well, I dont know what thats got to do with my liking... But anyways tea has always been my favorite.

At home, mom prefers to have tea which I make, after I left home, she prefers the one which bro makes. But making tea just for self is boring, so I dont make it unless I have company or I really want to drink some tea.

The other day I was teasing G, that he could make tea for me. He agreed and went to the kitchen. Then started his array of questions, where is the vessel, where is tea powder etc etc... He dint allow me to help him. Then I just went to see how things were on, and I saw nearly 10 spoons of tea powder for 2 cups of water. I was quite shocked. He said that's his special tea. And when I got my cup of tea, I was quite skeptical, when I tasted the tea, it was too sweet so he took it back added some more tea and milk then gave it to me. This time I dint taste, I was still waiting so that he could get his cup. He was planning to have lemon tea, so he just poured his tea in a glass and some lemon into it... We both sat to have the wonderful tea... And I still dont know how I managed to drink the cup of tea. G just had a sip of it and said I would rather have you make the tea :)

Well after days, he offered to make tea again, but this time with my instructions and tea is not bad afterall :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dinner party

We had invited G's friends for dinner last thursday, I wanted to make Thair vada (Dahi vada) for a long time... So called mom and got the recipe

2 cups of Urad dal
1-2 tablespoon of rice (I put a fist of rice)
Black pepper (whole or powder)
Oil for frying
Curd/ Yogurt

Soak the urad dal and rice together for 1-2 hrs

Then grind it to a thick paste (more the water content, more oil its soaks while frying)


Heat the oil in a pan/kadhai (anything which can be used for deep frying)
once the oil is sufficiently hot, put small portions of the batter in the oil


Once the vadas are golden brown take them out of the oil into a tissue to soak out excess oil.


Keep a vessel of hot water ready, put these fried vadas into hot water. Let it soak for a few mins


Now take these out of water, squeeze out the water, and soak these vadas into thick curd. Leave it for sometime, now the vadas are ready to be served


Of course, use grated carrots, coriander leaves for garnishing.

Once these were done, made some raitha (cucumber, onion and tomatoes), then pulav (with cauliflower, beans carrots, lima beans and peas), fruit salad, cucumber salad, curd rice and then finally ice cream....






The dinner time was fun. I hope eveybody liked the food... I thoroughly enjoyed myself... Maybe we should do this more often :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Thinking!!!

I just saw Swades.. ya ya I know its not a new one and is one of the movies which shouldnt be missed. But then, it so happens that I couldnt watch it earlier... I must say. SRK's not overacted and he is good in this movie :)

There is a scene where Mohan (SRK's character) and the villagers are discussing about how India is and how America is, and then one of them says India is the best country coz of the sanskar & parampara. This is when Mohan disagress and says that people in the US too have their own traditions and just coz Indians dont know. it doesnt mean they dont have any. I kind of agree with that.

Years before, much before I came to US, I also had the same thinking like many of us Indians about the country America and the people who stay here. I wouldnt say Americans coz people who stay here include so many other nationals too. Most of it, derived from the Hindi movies and also the very few English movies I had seen. The most important thing I had thought was, there was no family concept in Us, people dint respect each other, people dint care for other people and also that Indians who come to US forget their family back in India and all those things which were shown on our Silver screen.

When I landed in US, I dint know what to expect. Slowly, I started observing people. One by one all the inhibitions just broke... I met people who cared for family so much... met moms who cared for kids, as my mom would do. Saw wives who cared for their husbands, saw daughters/sons who cared for their parents. I got to know about a lot of traditions too. And yes, if you respected them, you would get that back too. And ofcourse, the Indians here dont forget their family or the traditions or anything of that sort. There are all kinds of people in this world, so if somebody changes its not the country, its just that the situation was such that people changes. Are people in India not changing?? So why do we have this hesitance to accept that US also is a good country.

Somehow I have been lucky to stay in both the countries, I think I can see most of the things in both the countries and also realize whats good and bad.
Its time all of us realize that we might be good rather great, but that doesnt mean the rest of them are horrible!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Yesterday I went to meet my cousin. As we were talking, the most popular topic – RECESSION came up in our discussion.

Then I just said College days were so much better, where we only had to worry about studies and not worry about other responsibilities. And when we were studying we always thought once we land up in a job we don’t have to study anymore, and we will have so much independence.

Isn’t it always like this, the past always has nice memories. It’s not that we dint have bad times then, but cherish our good times of the past so much, that we start comparing the good times of past with bad times of present.

Then we realized, it’s not that we never had fun after joining a job. We have had new found independence. We have had fun with friends when we joined the company. Ofcourse our batch dint have the usual training fun, coz it was a little different for us, which probably would be a different post. It’s been a few years in company and every year has its share of good and bad experiences. We have had the best of times and the worst of times.

So whenever we think, life was great in the past, we should realize that some time in future we will remember the good times of today, so let’s enjoy the TODAY instead of comparing it with the golden PAST and make new memories for our FUTURE.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Whats in a name

I remember most of my husband’s friends names. Atleast after listening to their names twice, I know from when they know each etc. Of course once in a while I forget.

From the time I have introduced my friends, unless he has interacted with them personally more than 5-6 times, or if they attended our wedding (they are the same people he has interacted with), he’s always confused with the names.

A month back, this was the converstation (we were in 2 different places, so conversation on phone)

ME : I am going to Priya’s house this weekend
HIM : Oh! Cool


ME : We are planning to do so n so over the weekend
HIM : Who all??
ME : Told you na, going to Priya’s house
HIM : Oh ya…


HIM : I am planning to go to beach during weekend.
ME : Wow… That’s good.. You are also going out
HIM : Also?? Where are you going?
ME : (hmph!!) Friend’s place
HIM : Oh Cool.. Lavanya’s house?
ME : Naah.. Priya
HIM : Great Enjoy maadu


ME : (Not even nearing weekend discussions) So what’s for dinner?
HIM : Rice and Sambar… So you are going tomorrow directly from office?
ME : (Wow!!! He remembers) Hoon.. Am packing now
HIM : Great!!! Say Hi to Pallavi from my side.
ME : (confused) But Pallavi is in NY, and I am not going to meet her.
HIM : Oh then what’s your friend’s name.
ME : (Tired) Priya.

Friday evening

HIM : So, did you reach Pallavi’s house
ME : (Completely frustrated with this name confusion). Its not Pallavi, Its Priya.
HIM : Oh ya!! I forgot
ME : Is it so difficult to remember my friend’s name, that too after listening to it for a week now
HIM : Hey Come on!!! How can I remember your friend’s names??
ME : Fine… Forget it
HIM : That’s what I did :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Traffic o traffic

At lunch time today, we were just discussing about the traffic conditions.. D(my friend) just shared her experiences when she was on a 2 wheeler.

Incident 1: D was on a signal waiting for it to turn green. It was taking a long time. A guy was honking for a long time, so she just gave way to him. He then did the same to the guy in front. The other guy got so frustrated that it seems he gave a gesture which meant fly and go.... The way D showed it to us, it was so hilarious.

Seriously, when you are on a red signal, whats the point in honking? The person in front of you is also equally frustrated with all this traffic. Most of them are on the way to attend to something important. Everybody wants to get out of the traffic as soon as possible. If all of us have a little patience and understand that, only if we work together will this problem be in a situation where we atleast can tolerate it.

Incident 2: One of the roads had a 'no left turn' signal. And seems it was covered by the tree, so people couldnt see the same, and started going in that road. The policeman was sending people away from there, later caught one person. Seems this guy told the policeman "Sir, you are doing a great job by enforcing the law. I am ready to pay the fine, but can you please make sure that people can see the board". The policeman was so embarassed, that he let him go and dint stop anybody for fines, but started to redirect.

Some of us do want to follow rules, but when the rules are not laid out fine, how can we even follow that?? I really wish, that traffic becomes much better, atleast for the sake of people who want to follow the rules and live in a better place.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Food.. love

There have been very few times, when I have got to go to work from home. Most of the times I have stayed out of my place for work. So it’s a great feeling when I get to go to work from home. Since its Bangalore and that my house is very far from office, I had to leave pretty early. And the first thing moms think about when you are home with them is good food. And yes, I had that priviledge.

Everyday I used to have a mini breakfast around 6.30 AM, just before I had to rush for the bus. Then around 9.00 AM I used to take my breakfast to the canteen and have it with my friend. Around 12.30, we used to go and have the lunch, ofcourse something yummy packed for lunch. I even had some snacks in my bag. Not mention 2 apples and freshly squeezed lemon juice from home. My bag was always full of these things. My brother always teased me, if I was going for work or picnic. Amazingly though, I must say mom still knows how much her daughter needs to eat and in what intervals. After all this as soon as I was back home, there used to be a hot cup of tea ready for me and after some time dinner would be served.

Its been ages since I have had that luxury. I have always valued this motherly love and the luxury of having all this in life. But you remember these things more when its no longer there.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Season fever

Its raining so much these days, and if I were to use any of those comparisons... like cats and dogs and stuff like that… I would say it’s raining elephants and hippos. But rain is not the only thing, its getting cold too. I have started detesting my jacket. I am really bored of that. Now add to that I have to carry an umbrella all around. And with all this come fever and cold and cough. Luckily my cough and cold are not much. But fever is really tiring; it also comes with body pain. I wish G and me were together. That would have really helped.

When we were in Bangalore, at school/college times, anytime I got fever, 100% attention used to be on me. Even otherwise I used to gobble up 90% of it, but 100 is something different. Mom always had to have me in sight. So I wake up in the morning, and depending on the condition it would be decided if I could have a bath or no. I would be given something hot to drink (milk... yuk), then something to eat. It used to be bread since nothing else would actually go past the throat. Then all day mom would sit with me… checking temperatures, getting things to eat and drink. Then slowly I moved out and due to work, weekend were the only time I could be home, so fever on weekdays meant, take care of yourself (of course roommates helped a lot, they were the family then).

We went to Mysore after the wedding. So I fell ill again with fever. I dint take an off, but as soon as we came home I just crashed into the bed. I told G to wake me up in an hour so that I could cook dinner for us. When I actually got up, it had already been 3 hours, and when I got out of the room, it was such a delightful sight, G was cooking something for dinner. He said that I needed rest and ordered me to go back to sleep by the time he finishes his cooking. I just did as he said. He then woke me up and we had a tasty meal which I could relish completely. There were days when I told him, I wish I could fall ill and he could take care of me like this. He takes care of me the best after mom. I sometimes behave very unreasonably with him, but then again if I don’t…who else can?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Tea party

I just happened to see a photo of a small girl playing with a teapot and a cup. This just triggered my memory and my childhood just flashed in front of me.

As a part of our childhood, we had so many dolls but the main thing was to have a kitchen set. We had these made of steel, clay, plastic. They were replicas of what mom had in her “real” kitchen, and this was so exciting. Mom would lend grains to put in these teeny weeny containers. And yeah!!! Before we had a actual fridge at home, I already had a beautiful plastic one which was as big as my dad’s palm… But hey this was one thing mom dint have and I had… and being the nice daughter I was, I had even offered mom she could use mine… That time I dint know why she never used it (ofcourse much later when we had a real one, I knew why she had refused).

If there were no children to actually play with me, mom would volunteer. She would be my guest, me being the perfect hostess, would offer her tea, juice and lot many things to drink (all of which would be water in a thumb sized glass. Then we would have lunch in our play plates, so peanuts were to be assumed as rice and sambar. Of course we would use up the snacks and take bigger plates and eat those.

As I grew a little older, I grew out of these smaller vessels and containers and actually started making something in the kitchen (say: Tea). I was always fascinated with the whole tea sets which were shown in movies. So sometimes my parents used to play along with me. We had 2 tea sets at home, and they were to be used only on special occasions. Well, mom used to carefully take it out for me and I used to prepare the tea decoction (tea without milk – water a tea powder boiled well together) put it in the big tea pot, then hot milk in the smaller pot, then sugar in the sugar container. I used to take the whole tray in front of them. Then pour all these one by one in the cup. In the end, you are supposed to ask the quantity of sugar. Once all this is done, I used to serve them the tea with some biscuits. This whole thing used to take much more time than the usual, but the fun and the time we used to spend on this was totally awesome.

How I wish I can be that little girl again!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lake Tahoe

This was a long pending trip. I always wanted to go with G, but the plan din’t seem to materialize. So I thought I would go along with friends. After much confusion, hotel rooms were booked; cars were booked for a 2 day trip for 10 people.

Day 1: The plan was to start at 8.30 AM on Saturday (31-Jan). We started only at 10 after picking up the car at airport. Initial part of the journey I was asleep as I had a terrible headache. We had stopped for lunch. It wasn’t yummy, but it did fill up our hungry stomach.We still had some 90 mi to travel and I took over the steering wheel. Initially, there was nothing interesting, so it was quite a normal drive. Then started the glimpse of snow capped mountains. This was not the first time, but ofcourse it was the first time in a new place, we were excited that we would be there anytime soon. The rest of the drive was a beauty, with snow either sides of the road.


We checked in the hotel and freshened up for the evening. At first we had no plans, and since its winter, it gets dark quickly. We thought of going to the lake first and then see what we wanted to do.


The lake was beautiful. The tip was frozen but we could still see the lake in between. I prefer it this way... Whats the point in having the whole lake frozen... We would never know the lake existed (I know thats stupid of me).We were just gazing at the people there having so much fun in the snow. They had sledges with them and were sliding with so much fun. We rushed to a nearby store and got a few sledges for rent.


As soon as we came back to the lake, 2 guys started and went on a bumpy ride... All of us learned from their mistake not to take the steep side and went on a less bumpy and less steep side of the slope. It was sheer fun for an hour after this. We took videos of people sliding down. D was about to go into the lake if someone had not caught her...


The view was just awesome


And the wonderful colours on the sky was great


After this we were very hungry and rushed to the Indian Restaurant near our Hotel. We had our early dinner and then folks decided to go to the casinos nearby. Nevada(famous for gambling) was just a mile away. I am not much interested in Gambling. Moreover I had a severe headache since morning, so I skipped this. I went into the cosy room, watched TV and called it a day.

Day 2(Sunday):
We woke up pretty early and after breakfast, headed out to the Heavenly Village Skiing Area.


I had already done skiing long back, so dint want to do it this time.


First we had to buy gloves (spent nearly half an hr on this). I hate it when people start shopping for stuff when we have so little time. Anyway, after this there was a discussion on who would ski. The total cost would be $120, and some were not ready to spend so much. Out of 10, only 2 people were ready. So after much discussion we left on the Gandola tour.

This is the Gandola

The tour was too good. We went in it for 3-4 miles and it was supposed to take a total of 17 mins.We were to have 2 stops.

From the Gandola

The first stop was the observation tower. We got down from the Gandola and walked around. It was a spectacular view from the top. The snow capped mountains, the lake, the tahoe valley all these looked so beautiful. It felt like heaven.






After clicking multiple pics in the place, we moved to the next stop. This was the beginners skiing area. We found our 2 friends trying to ski there.. We had a nice time making fun of them everytime they feel. I took some nice videos of them too. In the meanwhile we played in snow, throwing snow at each other, taking a lot of pics.


We even posed with the ski. After a while we went back down to the lake, spent a few hours there. All this made us very hungry and off we went to the same restaurant as the previous day. We stuffed ourselves with food, and soon it was time to say our bye to the beautiful lake.

I dint feel sad the trip was over. Infact in a way I felt nice. I was all set to go to the office next day and share our fun with all my friends there.

PS: Have been wanting to write this for a long time... Somehow there was just no motivation