Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Mysore... the place i lived for nearly 2 years...After a few months of stay there...i wanted to be back in bangalore.... Except that my home was not there...there were no other problems which i had there... but i just wanted to be out of the place... now i am out...finally....
But I miss the place so much..or is it the people...well both... I miss my home there... I miss my collegues... my friends... Now all i can do is to cherish my old days...The fun we had in OFFICE... the friends i made there... The people over there..... everything.... Oh I miss MYSORE...

Now that i am out of doesnt mean i am in my Home town... I am in Hyderabad... for official reasons.... Well this trip would be only for 2 weeks... Well when i came to the city first... it was early morning 6.... so not much traffic.... The city had woken up or... just woken up.... I thoght... BEAUTIFUL PLACE... Well i reached my guest house..and then finally got ready for office.... Came to office... and yes the campus is beautiful again!!! but then i just compared... which is better "mys or hyd"... well both are beautiful in different ways.... Well I hope to enjoy these 2 weeks here... Hope i have a nice time...

Will update with my experiences soon...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Tears show happiness.... Tears show ur sorrow

Tears rolling down
My cheeks are so wet
I want to stop them
My hands are so numb
Heart cries for something
My mind cannot console this
I ask myself!!
Don't u know the answer?
Replies the inner mind...


Happiness is something
we keep searching for...
Is it just a word
Or just a feeling...
Or is it something
we keep crying for
We keep waiting for this
Lose small moments of Joy
If we had lived them
we would be all the while
We keep searching...
for this all the time
We don't know
its with us all the while......

Monday, June 20, 2005

Choclates... Icecreams

Who doesnt like choclates and Icecreams.... Well i have always loved them.... Any of my friends are supposed to be treating me... i would always ask for the choclate... And yes no sharing here... I could sacrifice my breakfast lunch n dinner.... but choclates...... NOOOO!!!!!! Only person who had ever got a share in my choclates was my brother.... I could share anything with him... I always want to give him everything he asks for even now....

Well... back to my topic... my friends used to ask me for a small piece for which i would outrightly say no... hey but i used to get them a new one. It was just that i dint want to share mine....But as time goes by...things change...Even now i love choclates...but dont create a fuss over sharing choclates....First i thought i am becoming mature enough... haha. but it was just to avoid creating scenes for a choclate. :0)

Well icecreams dint have this much importance... but its just that i love them... but these days i dont eat much of it.... Why i have no idea.... But yes till date i love both choclates n icecreams.... Anytime any of my friends are coming back from their trip out of India... they have to get me a lot of choclates :)

Even now as i am writing this i am eating a choclate my friend got for me... He got a packet of assorted choclates for me.He came back just last week.... Wow... and yes, this time i shared it too :)

Sharing is fun or no.... but eating choclates are always fun whether u r a 8 year old or a 80 year old :)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Weekend ----- contd.....

Well after my long post on what happened on Saturday i thought i'll write down what i did on Sunday too :)

So here it goes........

Well got up around 8 or 8.30 AM... Actually my friend had plans of going to Nanjungud [not sure if spelling is rite]... but just couldnt get up at 6.oo AM ... So i dint go...
Well got ready by 9.30 or so and went to have breakfast... had yummy "Masala Dosa and Mango Juice".... We finally decided to go to Srirangapatna.. very near to Mysore.... Takes hardly half an hr by road.......

So started the journey to Srirangapatnam at 10.30 AM... It was the first time I went to Srirangapatnam on a BYK... I am not scared, but if my mom knew... she would blast me :).. I tried to call her and tell her my plans.. but she was out for some function... So there we went... It was a nice ride... First time on the byk.. outside Myosre or blore :)
Well we reached in half an hr.. then had to ask people to reach the temple :) ...

Now that we went inside the temple...This was my visit after 7-8 years. Was just wondering how beautiful it would have been when there was full life so many decades back :) Wished for a few minutes that i was there in those times...

But then as we went inside, had to take a small deviation so that we could see other gods in the temple... Now the sight there was really painful... The pujari was giving u the "teertha" only if u gave him some money... I felt so sad.. Come on its a temple not a trade centre.. Well we moved on... the next one followed the same procedure.. After 2-3 such encounters.. we finally reached the central place. Here we could see the God sleeping so peacefully..... I just wondered .... "Does God really sleep?" . We kept moving in the queue.. I was very much fascinated with all the ornaments and flowers. Was looking damn nice... So peacefully sleeping when the whole world is in trouble!!!!!! i thought :)... Well just to interupt my thoughts a few ladies behind us started gossiping... uff cant these people stop the gossip atleast inside the temple !!!!

Just when i turned front saw a person holding a small child in his hand... I dont think the child would be even more than 8 months old... It looked so tender... so soft... so innocent... and the best was it was asleep...... Well may be that's y they say "Bacche bhagawan ka roop" [Kids are a form of God]... i know it doesnt make a proper analogy... but the innocense it had on its face... I was just gaping at it. Finally the child woke up... totally surprised as to where it was... Well by now the queue we were in moved forward... and then we had darshan and came out of the temple...

After this we had tender coconuts and then headed for the next destination- Nimishamba Temple

Well this temple is in Srirangapatna... Well on the way u have so many historic places related to Tipu Sultan... Couldnt go to all these places... This is a small temple... but the devotees here are more in number than the temple in Srirangapatnam... Ok.. the belief is that ... when u come and pray for something here.. its fulfilled in minutes... meaning very sooon, thats y the name Nimishamba [nimisha - minutes]... There s river Kaveri also flowing at one side... Very peaceful place... Now after all this, we decided to go back to Mysore.

Afternoon nothing eventful... had lunch - "plain curd rice" and then slept... till 5.00 PM.

In the evening we started off to Chamundi Hills...
It was nice... cloudy...windy... really wonderful...It was a gr8 sight to see Mysore from top of the hill... Well once we reached the top... it was pretty cold.. Dint spend much time on the hills though... coz we feared rains... and it would be difficult to drive down in rains....

After all this driving up and down[ofcourse i dint drive :)].... was very hungry..... naaaaaaaa very very hungry.... So what did we do.... Saw a chat Mela and in we went....

This was something special in Metropole... This is a star hotel in Mysore ... supposed to be a palace once upon a time... The ambience of the palace... too good. U would feel really nice... with the lighting n stuff :) So they had this Chatmela special this weekend.... Pay Rs.79 and eat unlimited chat....
So I ate aaloo tikki, kachori, samosa, dahi vadas, ufff my stomach - full ....bhel puri, pani puri,papdi chat....... there were a few more things but just couldnt force myself to eat........ But it was soooooooooo yummy.................
After all this i was so tired.... so dint think of anything else... except... "I want to sleep and tom need to go to office"..............
Y do weekends end????????????????.....................

Now another weekend... Have a gr8 weekend :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Me Tagged..............

i have been tagged by ~Phobiac~...........

Hey can i include my engg books too :)

ok let me start now....

Total Number of Books I own:

Well dont quite remember... but i am sure its more than 40.... Lately bought a lot of Sidney Sheldon books...

Total number of books given to others and never came back :

may be 2 or 3 .... but comics ........ i dont remember getting them back.....

Total number of books flicked from others :

- Me very nice u see ;)

Last Book I bought:

Lord of the Rings..... [uff its so fat and the print is so small.....] and Master of the Game [Sidney Sheldon]... bought both of them together

Last Book I was gifted:

Secret Island
... [Enid Blyton] ..... gift by first book other than a comic :)
After that got no more books as gifts.....

Last Book I read:

Master of the Game.....

[ofcourse..... read a few books on UNIX,PERL tooo recently ;)]

I am currently reading:

Lord of Rings......... [i read quite fast.... but dunno if i will finish it in my lifetime.... the font of the book ...just doesnt inspire me to go ahead.... but still have completed around 50 pages of that book.....]

Five Books that mean a lot to me:

1. Secret Island - My first book
2. Gone with the Wind - the first fat book i read. Though i dint like the story..... liked the way the author has narrated the story.... I would really feel i was just watching it....
3. Coma - By Robert Cook.... This was the first book to test my patience.... Coz just dint understand the first 100 pages.... but as the story goes on.... everything falls into place... [thanks to my friend..she had told me "u wont understand anything in the beginning ... but later u'll like it" and did happen so :)]
4. Tell me your dreams - Sidney Sheldon .... Started to wonder if i too had a split personality :)
5. Harry Potter - the whole series... just brought back the fairy tale and magic stories i heard as a child :)

Now for the devil me to come into action . heheh *** grinning ***

Who am I gonna tag ?

No numbers specified so.... here it goes.....
- Raj
- Karthik
- Somu
- Gangadhar
- Smyta
- Visithra

ok mine is done................
And yes anyone who is here.... wants to take this up... most welcome.... and do let me know.. so that i can check it out too :)

Happy ....... fill up the blanks ppl ;)

And yes.... for ppl who have already read my weekend post... I have started writing the continuation.... So it will be up soon :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Weekend -- Quite different!!!!!!!

Had a interesting weekend this time... Wouldnt say it was good or bad... coz it was both.... A litlle nice a little boring... But on the whole 2 days in Mysore [yeah dint go home this weekend due to official reasons, and yes, not gonna write a bit about office :)]

Well on saturday, me n friend[G...] had lunch and then were just thinking what to do?? Where to go??? We just landed up in an argument... I got furious and said u go ur way and i'll be on my way....

I walked away from the byk to the opposite lane and kept walking when my friend came with the vehicle... i just said "leave me alone for some tim"e and went[ i can be very harsh at times]. So G too went off and me being very very furious... kept on walking....

Was near KD Road [Mysore] and thought y not go near the campus[university campus] lake.... Its very beautiful out there and may be my temper would just go down :)

And so the gr8 me started walking. Could have taken an auto which would have cost me around 10 or 15 rupees,... but no, i was very adamant....

To reach that place i had to first go to a Hunsur road parallel to KD Road... parallel in the sense, it had a minimum of 10 lanes in between or even more.... I dint bother to count. :)
As i Kept walking saw college students comming walking... oh how much i missed my college days :)

Kept walking looking around... Girls walking in groups... guys trying to show off their new byks to their friends... trying out a few hairstyles on the byk's mirror... trying to impress the girls.... Girls chatting about movies... or making fun of how the guys are trying to impress them... or talikng about the classes on Monday... etc etc etc.... As i walked along saw a few students eating Kulfi..... yummy my mouth started watering......... and yes by now i had walked more than 1 km. And my legs had started aching... coz i was wearing new chappals and feeling a bit tired as it was very sunny....

Finally by the time i reached Hunsur Rd... I was half dead... wanted a place to sit...Luckily saw a small park there and found a bench... Just went and sat there. For 5 min... was just looking at the traffic... People were so busy running around in life... Hmm... Just looked around in the park... Nobody was there just the plants,flowers and me....Felt like singing "Akele hain to kya gham hai..........."

Well... after a few mins came back to reality..... walked and walked until i found the entrance to the university road... Hey.... on the way found Jackfruits........ yummy my favourite fruit:)... bought a few peices and then kept walking looking at people around....

Finally entered one of the gates into the lake... To reach the becnh to sit and enjoy had to walk another km i think.... Kept walking, suddenly phoe rang.... It was G to enquire where i am.... I was a bit rude... but then told that i was in this place..... G was a bit busy, so he told me will meet me sometime by 4 or 5. It was just 1.30 then.... I had started walking at 12.30 or so.......
I just looked and saw that it was looking very beautiful..... The lake.... the trees.... behind it and far away a hill which formed the background. Wow.... What a wonderful pic it would be......... I just take out the camera from my bag and just when i am about the click i realize "NO BATTERY".... booohooo.... I felt like throwing the camera in the lake... but then the view was so pleasent that my anger dint last long.... So i neatly kept the camera inside and walked along.... eating Jackfruits..... Though they weren't very sweet.... the weather, the cool breeze just made the jackfruit sweet for me :)

Well to reach the bench i had to walk atleast another 20 mins... But had no regrets... All alone... cool breeze, lake by my side... birds chirping. For some time i forgot if i was in a city... for sometime i forgot if i was in this world...... It was so amazing... The sky was cloudy by now.... I was just about to reach the bench.... just got a plop on my head.... it was a huge drop......It had started drizzling... now i dint want to go back home.... I wanted to sit n enjoy the beauty..... So went in search of a bench which had something on top to protect me from rain... the benches there were below trees.... small tress...oops i mean short tress..... Sat there and just typed this msg out to my friend...

Cool Breeze turns to Wind...
Dry sand turns wet....
The calm lake turns wavy
Cloudy sky turns clear
Plop plop fall the water drops....
Hey dint u understand...... Its raining.....

Well this lasted only for 10 mins.... it was a little more than drizzle.... but after it stopped.... the weather somehow wasnt as good as it was... It had become more sunny.... or maybe i was facing the west...dunno.... well still sat there for an hour more and then finally left the place around 3.45 or 4.....

Well it was quite an experience coz i normally dont go alone.... either i am at home when i am furious or somewhere where there are lot of people....

Well after all this,I wanted to go for a movie....... So dragged my friend along for Parineeta............. Nice,tendor movie... I liked it....

Not gonna give a review about the movie too... But will say... its a nice sensitive movie... if anybody is in for dhishum dhishum... its a no no....

Well... I thought i'll write about the whole weekend.... But about Sunday....... Will write some other day... coz did some interesting things that day too :)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Waynad photos

I had described about our Waynad story in one of my previous posts....So its just the pics now... Story is pretty detail :), dont get bored :)
I was actually thinking if i should go or not.... Thank God I went else i would have missed such a wonderful experience:)

On the way to Waynad....

Image hosted by

near the jain temple in Sultan Bathery

Image hosted by

More pics... Saw a lot of coconut trees :)

Image hosted by

just before going for Eddakal caves

Image hosted by

Coffee plantations

Image hosted by

Eddakal Caves

Image hosted by

Were supposed to enter the biiig hole

Image hosted by

View from Eddakal--- this was just midway from the hill... near the cave

Image hosted by

Another one

Image hosted by

we were scared rock would fall anytime :)

Image hosted by

Gap b/w 2 huuuuuuge rocks...

Image hosted by

Cant see the bottom of the rock.... uff we have climbed up so high

Image hosted by

King on the rocks:)

Image hosted by

more rocks... we went thru these

Image hosted by

From the top - thoguh i dint go till there... I know i missed it :(

Image hosted by

More of the top...

Image hosted by

Steep Rocks

Image hosted by


Image hosted by


Image hosted by


Well thats it for now.... Still uploading a few pics and if i find more interesting pics... will post them :)

I want to go to these places once again..... :)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Lonely Leaf

I had written this 1.5 yrs back.... no no dont remember each word... Got this sheet, so thought y not put it on my blog...

Lonely Leaf

Alone Alone flies a leaf
Searching for a place
Its tired flying all alone
Its tired scared all alone

Wind blows the leaf
To a place Unknown
There the leaf Searches
for a place which is known

It lands on Trees
It lands on Branches
It lies on the ground
It goes around

But it never finds a place
Where it can always stay
It can live in a place only for sometime
Sometimes the wind Sometimes the Rain takes it Away

It keeps searching for another leaf
It even gets another Leaf
But they cant stay together for long
The Wind takes them away so far

Sometimes I wonder what happens
Leaf is on the ground and a big foot is on
What if somebody captures it
Will it be happy,will it be sad

I keep thinking what leaf might think
Why leaf so helpless
Why leaf so alone
But leaf keeps flying,until its there.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Coorg - contd

This is the continuation of the post on Coorg...

inside the meditation hall

Image hosted by

Near the entrance

Image hosted by

Younger monks in the prayer hall...

Image hosted by

More of prayer

Image hosted by

The Elder Monk

Image hosted by

Their prayer was very nice... dint understand a word of it... but was very pleasing... their humming, the drums.... early in the morning...... Just gr8....

Just not able to restrict myself to stop posting photos from the monastry.... :)

By the way did i mention .... the cute little monks were staring at us... wondering y we were shouting[though we werent... but its so silent there...]

ok....After the wonderful monastry we had our breakfast... I was so hungry that i was ready to eat in any hotel nearby...

Then we went to was full of trees. We felt we were in a jungle. A river rather a stream[there wasnt much water], where we played for a while, and finally the boating.

The stream in Nisargadhama

Image hosted by

I think we spent nearly 2-3 hrs there, pulling each others legs....singing songs etc etc.
And ya there was an old swing there... It was very similar to the one in Vaastushaastra... It was very old. It made noise even at the slightest touch. Few people felt it was creepy.;)

Hey even saw these cute rabbits

Image hosted by

After this we went to another place, dont remember the name now - but there we crossed a river, not on a boat, on foot. It was just gr8... There were tiny stones/rocks and the river had little water and we had loads and loads of fun :)

After crossing the river we went for a elephant ride. Felt very bad for the elephant, but i must admit we had a nice ride. All the while we were discussing "what if the elephant goes wild all of a sudden"...

After all this excitement had a nice lunch. Then we headed towards "Raja Seatt". The view from here is simply mind blowing...

View from Raja Seat

Image hosted by

We went for a small trek... It was just for 15 mins but it was amazing... few of our team mates dint want to come .... So just 4 of us went and it was really good...

View from where we stood

Image hosted by

After this was the last one of our list -- The Abbey falls.

The Abbey Falls
Image hosted by

People have met with lot of accidents here. Before they used to allow people to go till the top of the falls, but now its banned. I dont think people are even allowed to enter the water here...

Another pic
Image hosted by

But still u can see people going into the water...... :)

One more

Image hosted by

We had a lot of adventure here... But we broke the rules, we decided to climb to the top. Later we got a nice bhashan from the policeman though, anyway then i decided never to break rules esp in places like that.

Now back to Adventure part of it... It was very steep in the beginning to climb this... but with help and determination we finally reached the top... infact we felt top of the world. And it really was.... coz we could see only water flowing down... trees around.

route - going down from the top

Image hosted by

the above pic isnt steep at all...

But where it was really steep.... we dint take photos, as we were already getting late and we dint want to get stuck up there in the dark.... It was nearing 5.30 already:)

After we came down.... or i would say as we were coming down... we saw so many people staring at us. We were wondering y..... So many school kids esp.....

Then did we realize y people were staring at us.... We werent supposed to go on top, and we did... so the police there started questioning us... I was so scared.............. Not even a horror movie can scare me so much....

Then we told them we werent aware that we arent supposed to go on top... and that it was the first time... I was too scared even to talk... literaly on the verge of crying... I felt my heart had stopped beating....

But then we could tell the policeman that this was our ignorance and we would never repeat it[ well i have decided not to repeat it]... Oh man u should have seen the way they spoke to us... my heartbeat..... i thought everybody could hear.

As soon as they said go and dont repeat[no bribing involved here]..... we just went silently, climbed a few stairs towards the road... and when we knew we were out of sight of the police.... could we [esp me] breathe properly.... We drank 2 glasses of sugarcane juice - yummmmmmmmy..................
I was more stressed out because of the police incident than the trek...

Hey but the trek was really amazing............
[though i have been to treks other than these which are more tough and tedious]

Well finally all tired we squeezed ourselves into the sumo and started off around 6.30 or so... Played a little bit of Antakshari.... and yes not to forget a prank on one of our proj mates.....
We just scared one of our proj mates.... she used to scream on drop of a pin.... i mean a small lizard or a small insect.... or a chamaleon..... so one of our projmates told a horror story, which finally ended in a funny note, but scaring her.... i dont remember the story very well...

Anyways, after all fun n frolic, we shifted to soft songs.... slow songs..... and somewhere somtime i just fell asleep.... I could hear someone humming but then dint want to open my eyes.....
If it was some other time we would have played pranks if anyone was sleeping... but all of us were totally stressed out.... So just kept to ourselves....

We finally reached Mysore around 8.30.... then had dinner together... We dint have the energy even to eat.... we just wanted a bed to lie down.....

Somehow after all this reached home around 9.30 and then off to bed..............................................
Gr8 day came to an end :)

The next i opened my eyes were at 7.30 AM on thursday......... ooooooooohhhhhh i had to go to office...... wish we could get leave to rest..............

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!! Trip to Coorg


Wednesday [26 Jan] was a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow, first thing which came to my mind. I'll take leave on thursday and friday and go home. :)

But u see there were other things on store, i realized that i cant take a leave. In the meanwhile team mates were planning for a trip to Coorg [Beautiful place in Karnataka].

We left around 4.30 AM from Mysore. 9 of us. The vehicle was full. And we were struggling for space, but soon we got adjusted. Most of us were still sleepy. Well i dont know about the rest but atleast i was very sleepy[I had come back from office at 12.30 and had to wake up at 3.30].

It was nearing 6 everyone wanted to have coffee/tea [but i was very very hungry!!!!!!!!]. We went to some place had coffee and started off fresh [again] to our first detination.

We were moving towards Coorg, on the way there is a tibetian settlement.It was just 7.20 AM or so..... So the place looked so beautiful. We stopped in front of a buddist monastry. Oh man........ that place was amazing...... So much peace.... But we were just acting like kids. Saw a dragon drawn on the road. We were so amused looking at the places there.
These were few of the the pics which we took there.

Monastry from far

Image hosted by

Monastry nearing

Image hosted by

Buddha Rinpoche buddhaamartya

Image hosted by

Closer look

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Monasrty Roof

Image hosted by

Meditation hall where the above pics were taken

Image hosted by

Well there are lots more... but let me continue....
But not today.... Suddenly not able to remember what all we did :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

2 years back!!!!hmm......

oooooooooo!!!! it was the farewell day in college. All the girls in our class decided to wear a saree. So a week before, the preparations started. I just hate getting all prepared, but my mom wanted me to look perfect with the saree. So she made all the preparations!!!
Finally the day arrived. I even remember the date - 07-Jun-2003.
Well i got up early in the morning... Then started getting ready, the college bus was at 7.30, so had to wake up by 6 atleast that day coz of this saree thing. This was the saree which mom had bought for me for Sankranti[Pongal]. Ok ok i am not here to describe the saree i wore. We reached college around 8. And met all most of my classmates there. And yes very imp "I got a lot of compliments". I was looking good in a saree ... ahem ahem... Its true. I get compliments whenever i wear a saree.
Any ways the function there was pretty boring. I mean bhashan from prinici, HODs etc as to now we have a gr8 life ahead, we should be responsible and all that stuff...
All of us had this fear in mind.... about our future. Our exams would be over by month end... and then... what would we do????? Will we get a job????? What will be our salary?????? What work would we do??? How would we blend with people???? So many questions... So much anxiety...
But that day all of us just wanted to enjoy... forget all worries about our exams, our future... everything. Who knows where we would all go and if we would ever meet in our lives...

After the function in college, which got over by 2 or so, all of us thought we'll go have lunch, so some 20-25 of us went to a dhaba. And it was really good. The food, the fun everything. I just cant forget that in my lifetime. That day i spoke to so many guys who were in my class, but i had never spoken to. After all the fun and hungama, we all decided to leave. Finally reached home at 5 or 5.30... Then took rest for a while...[I was supposed to be preparing for the aptitude test next day]. Then just set rite all my documents which were required and had even more fun. All this while, hadnt even touched my book for even going through the kind of questions... Whatever happens, will happen for good was my opinion,and i just slept... dreaming of what would happen the next day.. will i get thru the test.. .will i get a job...With these dreams, my gr8 day came to an end.
Oh how much i miss those days :)

Monday, June 06, 2005

Hectic Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekend!!!!! All of us really wait for this... Time to rest and time to spend time with family.

Well i had a very hectic weekend. No time even to see TV[well i do that whenever i go home and mom says "to see TV u dint have to come".] I reached home on Saturday morning around 11 AM. I was so tired, not coz of the 3 hr journey, but coz of heat. And i was sooooooooo hungry. Then i ate chappatis....[hmm moms are the best cooks in the world. ] I was just eating, suddenly asked my mom - y not go for a movie today. I wanted to see Aaptamitra[Kannada, in Tamil its Chandramukhi]. So we decided that we go for the 4.30 show. Obviously 1.30 wouldnt be possible. :)
I called up my cousin too, she s having holidays now. Then around 3 we left our place. We thought we'll get down one stop before majestic and then go in the auto to the theatre... And bless the bangalore traffic, it took us half an hr to reach the theatre... It would have been the same if we had walked from the busstand. Anyways we saw the movie, and it was excellent. Esp the background sound, the acting of Soundarya and Vishnuvardhan - too good...
We reached home around 9. I was so tired... that i was feeling sleepy. But just then my brother came back from his classes, and i spent nearly 1 hr to tell him the story[he doesnt have to watch the movie, i told him everything scene by scene], then called up one of my friends, and finally slept off by 11.30...
Noramally on weekends i dont get up early, atleast not by 7 or 7.30, but on Sunday i had to. I had to go to a temple, and so i went there. It was nice... I went there after so many months. Felt really good. I used to go to that temple daily when i was in school, it was very near to our place. Now it takes 1 hr bus journey. I then thought y not meet up with my friend, she stayed nearby. So called her up and both of us went to CCD [Cafe Coffee Day].
It was really nice, after so many months, we met. But it was only for half an hr, she had to go for some family function.
Well i had thought of levaing by the evening train, but by the time i reached home, i was very tired[i wasnt a bit well too], so decided that will go in the morning. So i slept for a while, then had lunch, saw TV for a while, then suddenly i thought y not prepare something to eat. And so by 7 i had prepared stuffed aaloo. Mom was very happy, coz i seldom cook. But when i cook, its tasty :).
Then after this it was relaxing, I wasnt well so was just lying down, and watching Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, for the nth time, not that i loved the movie, but just for timepaas. By 11 couldnt stay awake,so went and slept off.
Thus ended by weekend. And now off to a new week. Hope everybody has a wonderful week ahead. :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dunno what to name this post

Got lots to write... But words are just not coming out. Lots of things happening here. Just 2 months back i was in a project. It was so hectic, that i used to feel, there is no life other than work...
Now that i have been released from project, i have nothing concrete to do :)
From past 2 days have been asking my manager as to what next.... And he is also trying... Now there are chances that i can go onsite or i can get a transfer to blore[home!!!!!!!!]
I am happy with either of them....
Just that its happening in a slow pace. Y cant things get decided fast...............
Tell me what's gonna happen... Somebody tell me....