Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bus or plane?

Some people love to travel. I like visiting to places, but I hate the travel part of it. Sometimes I just hope we could just disappear from one place and land in any place of our will in seconds.

Everytime, there is an international travel more than 8 hrs, after you tell your itenary to people, they empathize with you that, it’s a long travel. I was just wondering, will the same people have the same feeling when you are travelling within the country. Sometimes we travel nearly for 10 hrs, in the bus. There is no food available, no restrooms or washrooms available. We are on the seat continuously for these 10 hrs. Sometimes people travel this distance every fortnight. They don’t get the same empathy which is given to people who travel the same number of hours in a plane, with food and restrooms.

Well, we have to be thankful everytime our journey is comfortable. That way our visit to any place will just get better.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Live to Ride, Ride to Live

"Live to Ride and Ride to Live" - is G's favorite slogan. He has it printed on one of his T-shirts too. G is crazy about bikes like I have mentioned it here.

Lot of people dream of sitting on a Harley Davidson, let alone go on a ride. But I am so proud of G, I have had thrice the pleasure of going on a ride on the Harley Davidson....

In India, G has a bullet - Thunderbird.When I was a kid, I dint like bullet since it made lot of noise. Little did I know then, that its the power thats making the noise. Again, thanks to G, that I learnt a lot about bikes. Ofcourse, if it goes too technical, I still dont understand.

But what matters is, G is happy that I love to be his pillion rider. And, I love it that he likes to drive around with me on this powerful motorcycle.

It seems like we are made for each other :)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Judge me or no?

Relatives are by chance and friends are by Choice, choose your friends correctly.
This was a sentence I had read in so many scrapbooks.

There was a time, when we had a lot of innocent friendships. It didn’t matter what we could do for each other. No matter, what we thought of each other. This was the time where we grew up with each other. We could tell each other anything, and our friendship would just remain the same or get even better.

As years passed by, we started making thoughtful friendship. We would observe and then try to be friends with people who seemed to have similar interests. As the friendship thickened, we helped each other to become better people. These were the friends, who would celebrate with us when we achieved something, who were our best critics when we did something wrong.

As we move on further in life, we try to analyze people and then want to make a friend. By now, we have grown so much that it becomes difficult for us to take any negative comments from anybody. We assume that people judge us and to be on the safer side, we befriend those whom we feel don’t judge us. But, can anybody be non judgmental?

Ofcourse, not everybody will tell you what they feel about you. Whether somebody is judgmental or not, how would we ever know?

Is it better to have a friend who is not judgmental, but doesn’t even tell what they think about you or is it better to have a friend who is true to you?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Same Same but Different

I used to be a good student in school. But, mom thought it would be better if I spent more time in my studies. I was always a night person. I would study in the nights, but could never read a line in the mornings. TV was my favorite passtime. Even now, on the internet I am on youtube watching something.

Few years back, the conversation would be
Mom : ಓದ್ಕೋ ಹೋಗೆ (Go and read)
Me : Hmm… ಈ break (After the break)
Mom : TV Connection ತೆಗೆಸ್ಬಿಡ್ತೀನಿ (Will take off the TV connection)
Me : (Sadly goes to the room).

Recently this conversation happened

G : Packing ಮಾಡೇ (Do the packing)
Me : Hmm.. ನಾಳೆ ಮಾಡ್ತೀನಿ (will do tomorrow)
G: Internet connection ತೆಗೆಸ್ಬಿಡ್ತೀನಿ (will take off the internet connection
Me: (Now that I have a iphone) No problem, I have 3G now :)