Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dosti Dosti and Dosti :)

My friend had called from India... But before that i had recieved a mail from him... I started my morning with that sweet mail.. Wow I felt so nice... We were close friends.. even now we are good friends, but not that close.. but then again... that doesnt matter... when friends talk whether they are close or not... U talk from ur heart...

When I got his call, I was in office.. doing the same old work... We spoke so much... He also asked me the same question.. the one which I am questioned very frequently these days... "When are u coming to India"... wow!!! makes me feel I am missed... I am so important to them.. :)
Well more than them missing me.. I miss them so much... Oh how much I depend on my relationship with people....


Doston Ki kami nahi
Par sache doston ki kami hai
Baat karne waalon ki kami nahi
Dil se baat karne waalon ki kami hai

Jab hume ehsaas hua ki tum kitne sacche ho
Shayad tum door jaachuke the
Poocha apne aap se kya yeh dosti sachi thi
To jawab mila "agar sachi nahi hoti to yaad kabhi na aate woh"

There is no shortage of friends
But there s shortage of true friends
No shortage of people with whom u can talk to
But shortage for people who talk from the heart

When I realized how true u were
May be u went far away
I asked myself was this friendship true
I got a reply "If it wasnt true then they would never be in your memories"

PS: Phew!! Tried to make the translation as correct as possible


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hi Art ....

I missed out the post on R ...
hope u guys stay in touch forever

My friends are in the same city as me .. but i still miss them ...

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...



Art said...

Well friends are missed whenever they are far away.. but they are always in the heart :)

Shriedhar said...

hey did u read my comment on ur last post?

i was asking the same q'n :))


Art said...

Ya had read that.. :) Same question ;)

Het Waghela said...

good try to translate :)

well said.

Art said...

Well I have already done that

Anonymous said...

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