Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Vacation for the Independence Day - Part 1


Flight tickets were booked, hotel reservations were made, rental car booking was done.. My leave was approved.. Everthing was going good... 4days of holiday!!!
American Independence day on 4 July.. (this was on a tuesday).. I had taken leave on 3rd.. so that I could get 4 full days and could go away from here.. from work.. from the place.. into a totally different world.. (all this just for a change)

My flight was at 8.10 PM, so i thought if I left my place at 5 I would have enough time to travel to Atlanta and check in.. A's flight was at 6.30. she had to a little early.. I went to drop her to the groome... but she missed the 4.00 PM groome.. So we decided we will drive to airport... And we came to office to get my laptop... everybody in office was wishing "have a gr8 trip" "have a good weekend" etc etc.. and then went home picked up my bag and then off we left for the airport... I drove pretty fast.. was in 80mph.. (in speed limit 65)..(thank god there were no cops).. But after all this too.. we got stuck in traffic for more than half an hr.. By the time we reached office it was 6.30 PM. A missed her flight.. then she finally got the next available ticket.. this was at 9.30. My flight too got delayed from 8.10 to 9.10 PM. By the time I reached Philadelphia airport, it was 11.30 and by the time we got our car and reached the hotel it was 12.30 in the morning.... All tired and slept of for a wonderful day next day.

One pic of NY

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Rest to be continued (under construction...)


Sujit said...

weekend traffic was horrible!.. i took off on 3rd as well as on 28,29 so a big 5 day break :D.. instrestingly, i too went to philidelphia..:p..

Chitra said...

Cool Art! Post some nice pics....

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

am waiting for part 2

Keshi said...

Breathtaking pic!


Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I want a vacation!! Another one :-P

Anonymous said...

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Nabeel said...

this is really nice .. well wanted to see a higher resolution but the click takes me to a different website

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