Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blue Ridge Parkway

Days of waiting were finally over. After a Lot of debate on whether we would go to The Great Smoky Mountains or The Blue Ridge Parkway!!!, there was consensus on the latter.And when enquired, we found that it had started snowing and that was the indication that fall colours would come to an end soon.. and this was the right time to give a fabulous treat to your eyes.

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Armed with 2 SUVs and a full size car, we folks headed out of Macon. Braving the rains, we finally reached Candler(North Carolina) which was our shelter from the harsh climate in the night. We spent the night eagarly waiting for the sun to rise with a favourable climate... so that we could admire the beauty of nature.

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It was dawn soon.. and we went out to embrace the cold winds...Just as we were trying to get the feel of nature.. chillness creeped in and all of got into our jackets... After a little bit of photography here and there we finally started off. As we were on our way to the Mountains.. we could see a very beautiful picture.. It seemed very much like a wonderful painting... The deep blue sky at the background and the giant mountain filled with green, yellow, orange, red and dark red trees... For a moment, it makes you wonder.. were these the same trees which a few months back had lush green leaves swaying their way to glory...

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As we went further up.. the view got blurry...the clouds, the cliff and the road all seemed to merge into one. It was reminiscent of the old movies depicting scenes of heaven and whether we would actually make it there or not when our time comes, here we were touching the clouds.

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And then began the descent down the curvy roads. An early dinner of bread, butter, calamari and lime squeezed into water; and we were all set for our journey back. Inspite of a car full of drowsy people we reached home sweet home.


Unknown said...

Great trip... I hope to make some such trip now that I've come back to US for a second time :)

Sujit said...

nice pics.. and good itme you went!.. this saturday went to smoky mountains.. leaves already fallen.. and scene.. is amazing but also ghostly :).. ! but it was raining.. so it was nice.. timing..

Keshi said...

these r great pics!!


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Anonymous said...

nice photos - i liked the first photo the most.

- s.b.