Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

I had my Birthday on 24 Sep. It was a good day.. I dont know if it was the best of all.. But these days when I am going thru a lot of down time.. I sure felt good about everything on my Day.

At 12 AM my roomie got a yummy plum cake( I remember having those cakes on chritmas every year). We cut the cake and it had lots of nuts. I was to take a picture of the same, but its already over. After this we called another friend of mine R in India.. It was her bday too. After this I was busy either on phone or replying to my mails, checking e-cards.. Orkut... I was so over whelmed that people wished me.. By the time I slept it was 3 in the morning. I had to get up and go to office too.

At office, they had a banner put up on my desk with baloons stuck all over my desk and every one going pat my desk wished me a great birthday. So many hesitated to ask my age.. and when I said I was 25.. they would say "Oh!! U r just a baby". It was a fun filled day at office.. I left around 6.45 from office..

I came home, wore my new kurta and off I went to the temple.. I had to come back by 8.30 coz all my projmates were to come home. I was back by 8.15, and we were waiting for project mates to come. Before this used to be surprise cake cutting.. Now its no longer a surprise :)
Once all of them came, we cut the yummy cake.. it was a vanilla with choclate icing. We had a nice 1 hr of pulling each other's leg.. cake eating, face painting...

They left by 9.45 and me n my friend raced to an Indian Restaurant. We ordered pakoras, puri, vegetable korma. lassi. The meal was yummy (for a change - Indian Restaurants near my place, not so good). Once we were done, the manager (he is very friendly) asked us how come we were there on a week day.. We told him and he insisted that we eat some gulab jamuns (on the house) and also take some bangles (on the house too). We dint take bangles but had hot gulab jamuns... That was very sweet of him.

We then came back home, had a chat for a while and thus another birthday was spent..


Seema said...

Hey!! Belated wishes. From what you've writen, you've had a wonderful day.
Congrats on completing quarter of a century. All the best for the rest of it.

Art said...

Thank u Dear

KP said...

somehow landed here....happy bday..and enjoy!!!

Sujit said...

wow.. you had an amazing b'day. You had so much and so many thing.. Now i feel like having.. :(.. but can;t.. hehe