Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ek Ajnabee...

Evenings are usually cold here... But yesterday was a pleasant one, it was cold but it wasnt foggy. I could see the view out of our apartment. I even stood there for a few minutes so that I could enjoy the view. After that I started walking towards my apartment. Not very far was a lady who was enjoying her walk with dog. There was no leash on the dog, and that was having a gala time running around. It came running towards me and started jumping over, I started screaming. She called the dog back and got some relief. She was apologizing so much, and saying that the dog doesnt bite and the dog was over friendly. And yes it was just wanted to be friends :)

We then had a short chat. It was really nice talking to a complete strange in this unknown place... Sometimes people whom we dont know bring so much of freshness in our lives

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