Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just Thinking!!!

I just saw Swades.. ya ya I know its not a new one and is one of the movies which shouldnt be missed. But then, it so happens that I couldnt watch it earlier... I must say. SRK's not overacted and he is good in this movie :)

There is a scene where Mohan (SRK's character) and the villagers are discussing about how India is and how America is, and then one of them says India is the best country coz of the sanskar & parampara. This is when Mohan disagress and says that people in the US too have their own traditions and just coz Indians dont know. it doesnt mean they dont have any. I kind of agree with that.

Years before, much before I came to US, I also had the same thinking like many of us Indians about the country America and the people who stay here. I wouldnt say Americans coz people who stay here include so many other nationals too. Most of it, derived from the Hindi movies and also the very few English movies I had seen. The most important thing I had thought was, there was no family concept in Us, people dint respect each other, people dint care for other people and also that Indians who come to US forget their family back in India and all those things which were shown on our Silver screen.

When I landed in US, I dint know what to expect. Slowly, I started observing people. One by one all the inhibitions just broke... I met people who cared for family so much... met moms who cared for kids, as my mom would do. Saw wives who cared for their husbands, saw daughters/sons who cared for their parents. I got to know about a lot of traditions too. And yes, if you respected them, you would get that back too. And ofcourse, the Indians here dont forget their family or the traditions or anything of that sort. There are all kinds of people in this world, so if somebody changes its not the country, its just that the situation was such that people changes. Are people in India not changing?? So why do we have this hesitance to accept that US also is a good country.

Somehow I have been lucky to stay in both the countries, I think I can see most of the things in both the countries and also realize whats good and bad.
Its time all of us realize that we might be good rather great, but that doesnt mean the rest of them are horrible!!!

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