Friday, December 18, 2009


The incident happened couple of years back. I was at the client office in US. We were used to the people overloading their desks with photographs, magnets, souvenir and lot of stuff on their desk. One of client project managers also had a lot of photographs. He had his wedding picture, Then a picture with 3 beautiful ladies. I couldn’t recognize him in his wedding picture, it was a few years old. There was another picture with one beautiful lady in it. This lady was one among the 3 beautiful ones. I assumed it was the eldest daughter. I went and complimented him.

“Hey Brian, Your daughters are beautiful, especially the eldest one. She is very pretty”

And I pointed to the single picture. “Oh! She is my wife” was his response. This was so embarrassing, I wanted to go and bury my head in shame.

He sensed this, and then comforted me “Not your fault, This picture is 10 years older, and yes she is very beautiful. I take that as a compliment. I am sure my wife would be thrilled to hear this”

I was so relieved, that I just scraped out of the blunder I had just commited.

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