Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sarva Guna sampanna

I watching TV yesterday and I happened to see a trailer of some new serial. I don’t remember the channel or new serial name.

The trailer goes like this:

Girl is studying and her mom comes and asks her to stop studying as that wont help her when she gets married, she wants the daughter to stop all that and help her in household chores. Finally the Sarv guna sampanna (one who is bestowed with all knowledge) girl, gets a nice groom.

Now, learning household is totally fine, but why does the girl have to quit education for the same?

How does it make here Sarva Guna Sampanna if she isn’t a literate? No offense to anybody who isn’t a literate, but isn’t that also a kind of knowledge?

This is on national television. What are they trying to show, education is not important for girls?

Learning household chores and getting married based on your performance on this and good looks is the ultimate goal for a girl?

When so many NGO’s, so many people are striving towards Girl Education, why the hell is a TV serial trying to showcase something else, just for TRPs and money?

Cant they come up with something interesting, than such concepts?

It really irks me when such things happen around me. Be it on TV or in reality.

PS: My mom also told me to learn household chores. She also told me if I don’t learn these, what will my in laws say? But she always wanted me to be well educated and if possible and independent person.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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