Sunday, October 07, 2012

Birthday Gift

“Baba, What will be my Birthday gift this time?” Rishi asked, with his mouth full of rice.
“Have I not told you, not to talk when you have food in your mouth. You will choke one day like this” his mom reprimanded him
He gulped the rice and repeated the question.

“It’s a surprise. You will know about it soon. Finish your dinner and wash your hands. We have to go feed the animals in the shed”
“Please baba, atleast give me a clue” he insisted
“Not tonight. Off you go now”

Rishi always loved this part of the evening, when he would feed the animals with his father. He had a feeling, these were not just animals, but his own siblings. He believed, that the animals could communicate with him. As he went near them and touched, and called out their names, their reaction always made his heart jump with joy. Every evening, he would stroke on their head, tickle their neck, and would put the feed in their respective areas. It was definitely a wonderful family. 

That night, he couldn’t sleep until late. He was thinking about his birthday gift. He would be 10 years old. He would no longer be a little boy. He was determined he would get the surprise out of Baba.

His mother woke him early the next day. She said he had to accompany baba, who was going to the city. Rishi was very excited. He guessed, it was probably for his birthday gift. They got into a non-stop, and so was he, talking non-stop to his baba. He could feel it when they were about to enter the city. It was noisy, but he loved the noise. He was always curious to know, why cities were so noisy, compared to his village. They entered a cab, which took them to a quiet place. Rishi was tucked into a comfortable bed. He was tired of the lack of sleep the previous night and also the bus journey, he drifted to sleep in a jiffy.

A couple of days later, on his birthday, his parents were standing near his bed. 

“Baba, is my gift ready?” Rishi asked.
“Almost my dear boy, almost” and his baba looked at the doctor. His mother pressed baba’s hands, she was then signaled to stand in a pre-decided place.

“So, Master Rishi, are you ready for your gift?” The doctor asked
“Ofcourse, can you please take out this blindfold, enough of surprises now” Rishi was getting impatient.

As Rishi opened his eyes slowly, he saw his parents for the first time in his life. He was not sure if it was them, only way to find out was to feel them. 
“Ma, baba is that you?” Rishi tried to extend his hand to reach them. Both held his hand and nodded. His mother had to wipe of the tears coming from her eyes. She couldn’t believe that her son could now see her.

“Ma, you are so beautiful and Baba, you are a strong man. I can see both of you. I can’t believe it. This is the best birthday gift” Rishi again spoke non-stop, till he was interrupted by the doctor to take some rest.

Couple of days later, on the way back to the village, Rishi was the most silent person in the bus. He did not want to miss out a single sight outside. As soon as they reached their house, he ran to the shed. He couldn’t identify which animal was called by which name. As soon as he touched them and called out their names, all the animals reacted in the usual way. Rishi was so glad, he could feel them and now he could see them as well.

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Anonymous said...

Loved it! Am going to read this story to my 7 year old today.