Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Bike ride

“I want to take you on a bike ride” G would always say.

I was nervous. I was scared. It’s not that I had not gone on bike rides. It’s not that I had not gone on bike rides with my friends. It was not even that I had not gone on a bike ride with G. But when I had earlier gone with him, he was just a friend.

But now, things had changed. We were together. And he wasn’t talking about just a ride inside the city. It was supposed to be a ride from Mysore – Bangalore. I could never say yes to that. One day with some courage, I agreed to go to Srirangapatnam. (which is hardly 15 mins from Mysore). But I did go.

After our Wedding, I have been to many bike rides with him. A couple of them in US. A few in India, our longest being Blr-Madurai-Kanyakumari and back.

Now we have a new bike, Ninja 650 R. It’s a little difficult for me to sit at the back for long rides, so we had to get a a luggage box, and get it fixed, so that it could act as my backrest. G really wanted all this so that he could take me for a long ride. All this wasn’t coming cheap. It did cost us quite a few thousands, to get that fixed. We also bought a new helmet for me. We came to office together for a week. We go around in the city.

But somehow, we have not been able to go out of Bangalore. He has gone on few solo trips. But we have not gone together… I am waiting for atleast a one day trip… Come on… Buying all that jazz, and No Paisa Vasool… Just not happening!!!.. Take me for that ride dude!!!

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