Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The change

Last weekend, me and G went vegetable shopping. As we were scanning and examining few vegetables (What!!! each piece has to be checked ), a girl who was standing behind me interrupted us.

Girl: Excuse Me
Me : Yes
Girl: Can you please tell what is this? (Pointing to a bunch of leafy vegetable)
Me: It's Corriander
Girl: So Whats the difference between this and this (pointing to another section where coriander was)
Me: (Got a doubt, picked up one bunch, sniffed it) This is also coriander. Both of them are.
Girl: Thank you.

Later when I turned back, G said, you should've said one is Nati(local) other one is not. We just laughed over it and came back home.

But this reminded me of those days when I couldn't tell the difference between Daals (lentils), I dint know what was the base ingredient of lot of dishes. I remember calling mom to ask for recipes.

As time flew, I got better with this stuff, and there were times when I was telling mom about recipes, and helping her in identifying a lot of the non indian ingredients.

So when we came back home, and me and G were thinking of an unusual dish to prepare, the transformation just hit me. How things change, and how we grow up....

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