Saturday, January 22, 2005

Phew !!!!!! Thank God I was at home on My Bed


I am in office today - not that much work. but yes little bit of pending work to be done.

Well let me tell u people a story ---

It was in the morning, I was going to meet someone. I dont reall remember, y i was going to meet that person. Basically i remember that i was going to meet a lady, and she would be taking me to some place.

I was all ready, we had decided to meet up in a place from where we would move ahead.
So i reached the place on time. I met the lady also there. I was happy i dint have to wait much :)

Oh yeah!!!!!! now i remember i was supposed to go and talk to a few people who were cheated by their company. I had to prepare this report (please dont ask me -- y I was supposed to do it)

So we went to a place (some factory). I met 2 guys over there (pretty smart) and they told me their story. I am not gonna tell what the story is, anyways thats not interesting.

Now that this got over all four of us got into a taxi. I was wondering y those 2 guys are also in our cab. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable by now. Somehow things dint seem going good. But then i thought i am just assuming things.

After a while one guy got down in some place, and we moved further. Actually we were heading towards my place as the lady told me she would drop me home. Then somewhere the taxi again stopped. A hefty guy got into the cab.

This guy was really really scary (like the villans in movies), I smelt something fishy...
I tried to overhear the conversation of the lady and the other 2 guys. And then .................

Oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realized i was in a big mess. This was some sort of a gang. The first thing which came to my mind -- "God Kill Me or take me out of this mess"

But till now they hadnt realized that I came to know their plans. And we were just moving in the taxi normally. Luckily, we just stopped the car as one of them had to buy a pack of cigarattes. I saw an auto standing just 3-4 feet away from our car.

I dunno what happened to me all of a sudden i just opened the door of the car, ran into the auto, asked him to move. Fast ................ Very fast. I could see the taxi following us. I made the auto guy go into small roads where cars cant enter, and some how reached some place. Then got down there and took another auto (u see dint want to take the risk of same auto).

Somehow i reached my home, just to find the door locked. I was scared, what if one of these people come there. Then in 2 minutes mom, dad came back.

I am sure i was never so happy or so relieved to see them. I hugged them, we went inside and i calmed down a bit. But i still had this tension that those people would track me down.
The whole night i couldnt sleep. tossing around on my bed. Suddenly the phone rang, it was an unknown number. I got even more scared. I dint pick up the phone. Then i heard my phone beeping again. This time i dint want to look at the phone....

But it kept on beeping. I told myself "U r a brave girl.... Comeon face it"

I just turned around and had a look at my phone. It was my "alarm", beeping.

I just looked around - i am in my room in mysore. Nobody in my room. It was just me thats all.

Oh man!!!! I was so happy. Never was i so happy to wake up in my room. I was so relieved.
What a dream this was............. ooops not a dream - an adventurous NIGHTMARE

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Anonymous said...

nice way to spend a monday morning at work...
was just wondering y didnt the hero pop-in :))