Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Trip to Washington DC & Newyork

We had a long weekend from Sep 02 - Sep 05... I had been to Washingon DC and Newyork... Both are beautiful places... One is clean and historic... and the other is crowded and the happening place :)


Washington DC:

Went with 5 people.. We drove from a place called Baltimore... Reached DC by 11.30... We spent nearly 15-20 mins in Parking... the car.. It was so full... We got down and and started walking towards The Washington Monument... Well it was a very long walk... There are lots n lots of museums on the way and lot of time is required to look into all these.. so we just skipped all those.. and headed towards the monument...

This monument is supposed to be the tallest in DC and it seems no other building in DC is supposed to be built taller than this... Well as we neared this building ... the feeling that we are short kept on creeping into the mind as we tried to see the tip of the builing as we neared it... our neck started paining :)

Well we took lot of pics of this monument.. from diff angles.. sun falling on one side.. shadow.. sun hiding behind the building etc etc...

The monument
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After this we had lunch.. well being a veggie i had very less options... Had a piece of cheese pizza.. (of course had to say no meat 5-6 times.. just to be sure ).. After this we headed towards World War - II memorial... This has a fountain in B/w and is surrounded by pillar.. Each pillar bearing a state name of USA.. At one side is the PACIFIC and the other side is ATLANTIC... i guess these represent the two oceans... :) In b/w all this is a fountain...

The World War Memorial-II

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Well i just went and sat by the fountain with my legs into the cool water... So so many cute kids playing there.. and lot of ducks too.. I was pestering my friend to take a nice pic of the cute little kid next to me.. :)

Lincoln Memorial

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After 5-10 mins over there.. We headed towards the Lincoln Memorial... this was.. another long walk... But there were trees so it was not that sunny.. so i dint complain (all this while we were walking under Hot sun.. and i wanted a CAP)... we reached the place and saw (huge) Lincoln sitting on the throne (like king of the world ).. we took a few pics... And yes in front of this is a pond/lake or whatever such a water body is called.. We could see the reflection of the monument in this.. and not to mention explicitly ... it was beautiful...

Monument from the Lincoln Monument

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After this (we were really tired walking) , we planned to go to The White House.. We walked and walked and finally reached the place.. but then some security issues and that day we werent allowed to go view the white house from back... So we went to the front... for which we had to walk another 10 mins... (by now i had bought a cap)... we went in front and took a few pics...

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Now it was time to go to The Capitol..... where we had parked our car.. so we walked on the streets of DC.. all beautiful buildings... well i must say historic builings... public libraries.. treasure... post office... Each one of them were like monuments themselves... Finally we reached near the Capitol... and took a few more pics...

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Now we were tired.. dint have energy to walk anymore.. and we had to go to Baltimore from there... And thus our trip to Washington DC came to an end.. We dint see much.. but whatever we saw in the short time.. was a treat to the eyes :)

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In NY saw all kinds of people.. from all over the world... Its very similar to indian Streets.. full of people.. Traffic.. people just getting in everywhere.. Difference is its more bigger... and brighter with talllllllllllllll buildings and so many lights... Roaming around in NY in evening is too good...
Now let me start from the start :)
We (3 people including me) reached NY around 3 in the afternoon... We took the train to reach the street of Statue of Liberty...
we went to buy the tickets for the ferry which could take us to the little island where the statue is... but bad luck,the ferry service was over for the day.. I was very disappointed... but then may be it wasnt that bad after all... There was another service which would be just a round trip... of the statue... we went in that... it was nice... Firstly the ferry.. so that we could see NY from this far... the water just running behind us... and then a closer look of the statue.. It was nice to be there in the ocean, one side the statue and the other side NY.... hmm good feeling...:)

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Well after half an hr... we were back to the land... we then went to have a look at the bull... well that bull if it comes alive.. might be very very very dangerous.... but it was fun how people were charging at the bull for pics.. oh ya!! we were no exception!!!
After this walked through the Wall Street..., we even went to see the 9/11 debris... well i havent seen the building before.. but seeing the ruins and the next building, i can surely imagine.. how gigantic the twin towers would have been....

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Next we planned to go to the Empire State building... we went in the sub-way landed up in 42nd street... walked a few avenues, accidently reached the Times Square... :). by the time we went there, it was all lit up... it was good to have a look at this... was just wondering... how this place would be in the New Year time :).. Well we were running out of time, and had to visit the Empire State Building.. so we went and enquired to find that it was in the 34th street... so again we walked and reached the place in nearly 20 mins....We saw a loong Queue... We joined the queue wondering how long its gonna be...

Empire State building from the ground...

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There was a combo offer of the observatory and the sky-ride... Well sky-ride was not that good.. it was just a video with graphics and we were seated on a rollar coaster kind of stuff..., so that we could feel that we have gone for a sky ride in NY... after this we went to the observatory... oh the view from the 86th floor... was AMAZING!!!... well thats not the right word... may be i could say SPECTACULAR!!!... well i dunno!!! i am just not getting the right words... It was MIND BLOWING!!!... NY looked so bright and wonderful!!!... I guess half an hr went there just looking down from the top and taking pics...

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Now that we came down, we were tired and hungry..., just went and ate something...Well to eat.. i had to struggle... I had fruit-salad, fries n coke... The whole time the common thing in my food was Fries and Coke... I wouldnt have lived without them :)


Well... Monday i dint roam that much... but yes surely met one of my friends... But i would like to have a new post for that :).. and who the friend is is a suspense till my next post...


Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Both are nice places, I was in times square for the new year, kind of crazy. :)

Dewdrop said...

Wow, I like reading abt NYC and its vibrance:)

Vivhyd said...

hmm reminds me of my trips to NYC and DC.. actually may go to NYC next week as a frnd is gonna visit me.. hmmm wonder who the friend u met is.. :p.. hmm

divya said...

where are the new york pictures?

Art said...

Well i have heard that people really go crazy at that time.. but dunno if i will be there to watch it... :)
Welcome to the blog :)

Why only NY... any particular reason...

Well i will post it pretty soon... Keep guessing ;) ;)

They are coming up.. Was having some prob with posting pics.. was experimenting... but dint want to holdback this post.. so posted without pics.. :) Well the post should be ready with the pics in an hr :)

Vivhyd said...

wow.. night pics are awesome..

& the verification on my blog is to avoid spammers.. suggested by smyta.. sorry abt tht :)

Smyta said...

Hey Artz:-)

Wow..I am almost cherishing every part of USA thru ur eyes artz..keep it up da:-)

Smiles etc,


enigma said...

both the places looks gr8,very nice read.. lovely pics...keep them coming in more.. a treat to watch..
also.. quite curious to know abt the friend you met ;-)

Harshit said...

So having lots of Fun:-) some motivational photographs:-) Who wants to see those Buildings and all....

Gangadhar said...

Wow Arathi..nice pics! You had a great time over there! But still I'm trying to find out where Arathi is in these beautiful pics!Just kidding nah..
Take care,Arathi!!

Prakash said...

Nice pics.. after reading ur post i feel like i was with u....
visiting those places...
Nice one

Karthik L G said...

art thanx for the 'bitti' Washington DC n NY trip

tht fren may be some blogger fren of urs, for a wild guess its mostprobably the person with the blog name 'vivhyd'

Het Waghela said...

Nice pic Arti.

Visithra said...

beautiful photos ;)

Tarun said...

Nice pictures.....

Akshay said...


Good u did the trips but to be frank i did still tell you your DC trip is incomplete without the Smithsonian museums. You should have atleast done 3 of them Air and Space, Natural History & American History Museum it is really worth all the time. Hope u have one more trip to DC.

Art said...

Thanks :)

I wish i could post more pics and make ur trip to my post cherishable :)

Well the post about the meet is already up :)

Well NY is famous for Skyscrapers.. and i was really amazed to see so many of them at one go.... Would u elaborate on what u meant by motivational pics...

Well my pic i my post.. naaahh!! I want my blog to be beautiful ;)

Wish i could write it in more detail.. but as they say "too much is too bad" .. but well i wrote howmuch ever i could.. :)

Bitti trip nanigu hogodikke ishta... sakat maja baruthe.. naanu yeshtondu sarthi hogidini.... that leads to me dreaming of being in those places...

Het Visithra Tarun,
Thank u...

Well i surely havent seen a bit of both DC & NY... they are so vast.. I just cant finish my visit in half or one day.. Definitely need more time :)

Neel Arurkar said...

Enjoy Madi :-)

Anonymous said...

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