Friday, March 10, 2006

Some quotes!!!

"Life ends when u stop Dreaming"
- Life begins when u wake up to fulfill ur dreams... But in the meanwhile.. if ur loved ones are away... ur dreams take a backseat.. and u dont enjoy even if u achieve ur dreams...

"Hope ends when you stop Believing"
- Belief is easily broken... So hopes keep ending soon.. but ur loved one has to keep up ,the belief in u ... so that u hope for the best.. and believe in it.

"Love ends when you stop Caring"
- Its not just caring which decides love... There are several factors... If the care shown is not expressed in the right way... Even then Love ends... Reciprocate to ones feelings... If one is angry.. other needs to find the reason.. by discussing.. and not just by keeping quite and saying "I understand" If the person has understood smthing.. then let the other person know of it. If one is not behaving as the usual... try to understand what he/she is trying to make u realize... Even after all this... if the other person lives life in his/her own way... God save them. They will always be in Love... but will they not hesitate in telling each other their feelings??

"Friendship ends when u stop sharing"
- Something which i wouldnt disagree completely, Share joy n sorrow... but share something.. Be frank!!!

The quotes underlined were the ones sent to me by one of my friends as a fwd... The ones below were my reply... This happened months ago... Was searching for one of my mails.. Happened to read this... So thought of posting :)


Gangadhar said...

Nice interpretation of quotes!

Gangadhar said...

It is n't easy to someone as he/she's actually having the dream, but start not to believe in him/herself and just everyone, as he/she lose hope to just everything that he/she has, even though he/she shouldn't not stop caring and sharing.

Anonymous said...

nice blog you have!!

Unknown said...

Quotes are some sayings which generally most of the ppl tend to agree to. It need not be the universal truth and not necessary that one should stick to them only!
You have done a good job of reasoning them out :)

Alapana said...

Was wondering where you disappeared,was about to mail and then saw your new post:)

I specially liked your reasoning for the third quote,"Love ends when you stop caring" Yes,there are several factors for it,If we are unable to express it then however much we might have feelings for the other person,it wont help.

Nupur said...

Well done Aarthi. :D Great interpretation indeed. has to read between (and obove and below) the lines as well.

Art said...

Well we should always believe in ourselves :)

Thanks :)

:) Thanks... The day when I replied... I was very frustrated... :)

Well too much work dear... Slept well on Saturday... Whole week has been so hectic :(
Working today too (Sunday)
Well out of the list thats my fav too :)
If we dont show the other person what we feel about them, how is that person supposed to know... Once in a while u can always show the person that u care :)

Thanks!!! Well guess even in my reply there would be so many of those (read b/w lines)

Shriedhar said...

hey arts

lovely quotes.:))

i like quotes very much.

Het Waghela said...

Quotes were just too good.

But i like to read ur reply. I read those 2-3 times.

Initially i thought, it was explanation or elaboration given by the person whose thought u have written, but when i read that it was ur reply i was amazed.

Good one Art.

Keshi said...

Some nice quotes and some great analysis by u :)

I too believe that w.o. loved-ones, dreams dun mean much at all...


Vivhyd said...

Nice quotes!!

Smugam said...

Abt Dreams .."Dreams are Ambitions in Disguise so dont stop dreaming " .

To make your dreams a reality the first thing you need to do is "Wake Up "

Soumya said...

hey... nice quotes and superr comments...

Art said...

I too like quotes,... but not too much philosophy.. They should be simple..

:) Thanks.. Well Dunno what was in my mind that time wrote all this :)

Thanks Dear...

:) Thanks

Thats very true:)

Art said...


Vivhyd said...

art.. next post?? long time

Anonymous said...

nice thoughts :)

Het Waghela said...

Long time no see!
hope allz well and its only coz u r busy :)

Art said...

Coming coming... Do wait.... Let me sleep :)


Everythings well...reason is only too much work.. will update soon... 1 or 2 days...

Anonymous said...

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