Friday, March 31, 2006


We had Ugadi yesterday... The New Year...

If I was at home.. I would be relishing all those wonderful moments...
Let me just list down all that...

No office (ah what a relief)
Get up early in the morning.. (well before it used to be 6 or so... then it relaxed to 7 or 7.30 and it is early on a holiday) But its a festival day so no cribbing...
Go down stairs, dad would give me a hot cup of coffee... i would say ... i want a little more milk... i dont want it so hot..I love to trouble dad that way.. I love him... where s the newspaper.. and then realize.. paper is on leave that day...
Mom says good.. now u'll finish coffee soon and go to bath :)
I take previous days supplementary pages and read thru.. mom becomes furious... [ I love to irritate her ;-) I love her :-)]
After a lot of yes and nos go for a hot oil shikakai bath.. (the auspicious enne neeru. is what we call)
By the time I am out.. Mom takes out my new dress ... it has that auspicous turmeric powder in the corners.. Wow the new dress is so crisp and ironed.. (i never iron my clothes when at home... u see am very pampered.. dad does that for me n bro, i do it if he is not there, I can never Iron as good as he does)
Now get ready for the Pooja... Oh ya in the meanwhile I do help mom little bit in the kitchen etc... The house is filled with Mango leaves on all the doors... House is filled with Agarbatti smell..
All of us do the Pooja.. then comes the part where dad is trying to give us beevu-bella (neem-jaggery) . This indicates that we need to have sweet n bitterness in our life equally. We say "Beevu-Bella tindu olle maatadi" [Eat neem-jaggery and speak good ].. This means come what may ... joyous moments or tough moments always be good to people... Now I wouldnt like any neem in the prasad I get... I mean how can u eat those neem flowers!!!
Well after this is the best part... Food :)
Yummy yummy food..

We do call up relatives and friends in the meanwhile to Wish them A happy and a prosperous new Year "Ugadi Shubhashayagallu"

The rest of the day goes in visiting relatives(and eat at everyone's place).. They coming home... And in case there are not many people.. we sit n talk... and watch TV.. (special programs on that day)
In the evening, go the temple... its so colourful there... then finally... off to sleep.

Now that I am here... this is what I did...

No holiday :(
Got up at 7.45... Head bath (shampoo)
Then ate bread and bread spread... Came to office...
In the evening left early... Wore the new dress..Went to temple..Came back home.. We had plans of making payasa (kheer) but it was 10 at night and we were too humgry to prepare anything special.. So ate our normal food.. and got back to work...

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Shriedhar said...

Hi aarathi
happy ugaadi once again:)

gud naa
we all feel the same nostalgic stuff.

Btw, can i find u on orkut??

radiantbear said...


Happy Ugadi,

I have the bliss of not knowing what office is and celebrating every other Indian festival in an alien land.

Too bad you cudnt even have the kher!! better luck next time.. :)


Gladtomeetin said...

Hi Happy Ugadi...Your first part reminded of my home too...but later realized you are also in the same situation as mine :-((

Have a Gr8 year Ahead !

Unknown said...

Happy Ugadi! First Ugadi away from home for me too! :-)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !

caught up with all the posts i had missed out on .... we had a release , and hence was way too busy !!

my best friend got married 2 yrs ago .. tho we stay just 6 km apart , everything has changed .. and itz horrible ....

neways , I didnt have that great a Ugadi either ... only bright streak was that Amma made 'Obattu' ( Holige ) .. and that too 'Bele Obattu' which I had with milk ... And , i had office too .. Amma sent me out at 7:00 am in search of ' beevu '.... had the ' enne snaana ' the previous night itself coz i knew i wouldnt be able to do it in the morn

Soumya said...

working hard is also another way of enjoying moment...
happy new year

Gangadhar said...

Happy Ugadi,Arathi...
how's you?

Neel Arurkar said...

Btw, there was no holiday at Bangalore DC this year for Ugadi. People cribbed a lot on the BB :-)

Sin said...

Hey Arathi, belated Happy Ugadi! Man...enne's been ages since I did that! Lol! I hated Bevu too. My Dad used to sneak me all his Bella when my Mom wasn't looking. Sigh! Those were the days. I miss Bangalore. :(

Jyothika said...

hey-good to see your blogs..
hmmm,same vyathe-iili kooda! poori madanna antha hode-nippat aythu! yaake kelthiya!

Het Waghela said...

Wishers for Happy and properous Ugadi.
I remebered how we spend the Diwali and New Year at our place and its ditto same way with some minor changes like there is making of Rangoli outside our house during those Diwali time (which i think in south its all 365 days, which i love the most).
Otherwise i do harass my Mom :), mothers are too sweet and innocent to harras na. I want to be a Mother in my next Avatar.
Really you females are very lucky to have such an important and lovable part to play in everyone's life.

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Raju PP said...

dont worry maaDkobeDa...
my day was as good (worse) as urs :|:|

Visithra said...

ugadhi shubakanchulu - sorry late wish

Amrita said...

hmm..nice account of your new year. really nice! i agree, its really a boon to be at home when u ve a holiday. i am saying so coz, when ur working in a city which is not ur hometown, u feel the need for ur family on all occasions more than anything. cool post!

Art said...

Ofcourse u can...

Ya its so different... Not NY.. in GA



U were lucky to be at home :)

Happy New Year

Same to u...Me good

Ya got to know that

Truth fairy,
I too miss it

Naanadru parvagilla... Poori poori tarah ne aaguthe...

Ya I am proud to be woman :)

Err... whats this??

Yaake yen aaithu??


Thats true

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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