Friday, March 09, 2007

Splashing Weekend!!!

Now y did I call it splashing.. coz it felt like a gush of water just being splashed on me.. :)

It started off from Friday evening... We were to go for an English movie after dinner at the Italian Restaurant..
Before that, I had to sort out some problems of mine.. So just went away from home.. from office.. near the cool breeze at Lake Juliet.
Was there for an hr or so and it was dinner time.. By now I was much relaxed.. But we left too late for the dinner.. The Restaurant we were supposed to go for didn't take reservations on Fridays.. and when we reached they said 90 mins wait time... (are we crazy to wait for 1.5 hrs?? Naah!!)
We moved on to Mexican ( I have got bored of this.. next time a big no-no to mexican).. Had dinner there and then went to the movie.. Bridge to Terabithia. Once we came back I watched a kannada movie at home...

Saturday.. I got up early, and was sipping my saturday morning tea a 9.30. I called home.. Mom was wondering how come I was ready by then :) I spoke for an hr.. By then I was feeling hungry.. Wanted to eat something different.. I was bored of rice and chappatis... So decided to make akki rotti.. (rotti made of rice flour speciality in Karnataka). So in an hr I had 2 yummy rottis.. Now with my stomach full, I just wanted to so something, but what.. Just then my friend wanted me to drop her to office... So after that.. I thought if I go home I'll be bored.. so went to meet M....
Went to B's house spoke to them for 10-15 mins... When I came out of their house.. my projmates were
.. so spoke to them for a copule of minutes and then went to meet D. After some time came back home.. prepared akki rotti for D and M. It was time to go to office.. (we had something to do that saturday).. We had pizza for lunch.. till 5.30 we worked.. had fun.. got starbucks coffee... and then decided its packup time.. Before we left... it was decided that we would have a get together and the occasion was Holi....

So by 10.00 PM we were ready with the food.
Menu -

Bajjis and pakoras
Bisibele bhaat
Gulaab jamun
(Seasoned) Curd rice
2 chicken curries (I dont eat)

Once the dinner was done... After a few songs, we thought of playing we played Bluff!!!
I got rid of all my cards pretty soon.. And enjoyed the game very well.. Finally it was 2.00 AM when we left their house and reached home. I still wasnt sleepy.. So watched another movie...

Sunday morning I woke up around 9 and by 10 I was sipping my tea and talking to my roomies... Later I called mom and suddenly felt I should leave for shopping... It had been so long since I had gone on a shopping spree (well whether i bought anything or not is not important here) I first went to get myself a phone charger.. Then roamed in between the electronic sections.. dint interest me.. so just came out... Went to Thai restaurant.. Had lunch alone.. first time in so many days did not feel lonely even though I was alone... After this I just did window shopping..bought small stuff...
By the time I came home it was 6.30... then did some kitchen cleaning.. and A prepared dinner... So by 9.30 I was tired but very satisfied with my weekend.. spent some peaceful time listening to music and reading the book - The Suitable Boy....

So I had a very ordinary.... but very refreshing weekend.. or can I say again.. a Splashing Weekend!!!

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Sujit said...

hmm very refreshing weekend.. sometimes just a break is good enough..! you went to see bridge to terabithiya.. oh man!... I got mad after seeing the movie.. illusion illusion and illusion.. good.. have a nice week the end..