Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What is it??

There are times when you pour ur heart out in front if a person..
Do we ever realize is it because we have nobody to talk to and we just want to vent out our feelings..
Is it so that we really feel the other person will understand our feelings.

Does it mean we are very week and cannot handle the turmoils life pushes us into...
Does it indicate the courage we have so that we could take the strength to go and talk about our feelings without even thinking if we can trust the person.


Sujit said...

one would vent out feeling assuming that the other person can understand!. Its not that one cannot handle the turmiols.. but when things are overwhelmed.. one needs another persons support in someway!.. atleast thru words.. But what extent one does pour out feelings depends on comfortability and closeness! we just cannot let out things in front of a stranger?

Chitra said...

Art, don't succumb to the pressure of unburdening yourself to a person who doesn't even bother to acknowledge it let alone understand it kaNe. There's always the basic human tendency to fight lonliness. But enjoy it till you are alone...not lonely.....