Sunday, April 08, 2007

Akki Rotti

Was very hungry in the morning.... No patience to do anything.. So thought of a very yummy and a quick breakfast.. AKKI ROTTI (made of rice flour)

So in a few minutes.. I had the dough prepared...


Carrots - grated
Onions - Finely chopped
Tomatoes - Very finely chopped
Cocout - grated
Green Chillies - Finely chopped
Rice Flour

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The vegetables mentioned are optional... Today i dint add tomatoes.. but added a pinch of turmeric :)

Mix all these together.. to form the dough

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Then with little oil in hand.. make rounds and on the tava press such that it becomes bigger rounds ... once cooked both sides.. into the plate...

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U can have it with chutney.. or chutney powder.. Since I had too many things in rotti itself.. I had it just like that :)

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very yummy..

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Sujit said...

wow.. seems delicions.. has been long time eating akki roti..:(..!

Karthik L G said...

it looks soooo unpalatable :))

I'l tell u something, when my mother went to us last year, the best thing she got back is the method/reciepe of making akki rotti frm my sister whose cookery skills were not worth a mention around 9 yrs back b4 her marraige

the akki rottis are soooo delicious and appealing to the eye..they r of the size of that plate in ur photos.. will let u know how to make it if i can.. :)


Impressionist said...

My mom does it differently.
We don't add these vegetables. Its just plain.
but i wud try the method u've put up!

Peace & Love

Art said...


This is something which we have started making once in 2 weeks or so :)

The taste was fantastic... I just loved it :) Well I tried to make it of different sizes ;) But ofcourse i dint bother about the shape..

Oh yes.. we make it without vegetables too.. Just that when all these are added.. it makes it look interesting and more yummy... and mainly chutney is not mandatory :)

Karthik L G said...

hmm wud love to taste it sometime then :).. so wassup ..planning to settle down there?? ru on orkut.. ping me on lgkarthik yahoo if u can sometime :) cya

Art said...

sure :) no settling here.. actually waiting to go back :) I am on orkut.. will ping u..

priti said...

Woooooooww....looks yummy..:)..I'll definitely give it a try....and good pictures too :)

Sujit said...

still lost in the aroma of akki rotti?

Art said...

Thanks..surely try...

Ofcourse not.. been a bit busy.. will update soon :)

Vivhyd said...

hey art.. so u r back to blogging too? Nice pics and the food looks delicious!.. :)