Thursday, April 26, 2007

How Does it Feel??

Start of the trip with a Ford Mustang (Convertible) - Wow.. amazing
Walking on the beach with water splashing on you every now - Relaxing
Sitting on the beach.. watching the waves come and go.. - Music to the ears
The ocean looking so calm far far away - Peaceful
Drive from Miami to the Sunset City (Keywest) - Breathtaking
Burning in the hot sun of florida - itchy
Going on a scooter (like scooty in India) - A 2 wheeler ride in US.. wow its cool
Going on a sunset Cruise - Romantic
Watching the sunset in the ocean - exotic
Get up early in the morning - Yawn!!!
Reach the boats in the morning - Exciting
Go on in the boat for an hr in the midst of the ocean in the rough sea - Excellent ride..
Water is so rough and that splashing on u in the boat.. - Ooooo
Instructions for snorkelling.. - Interesting..
Putting on the accessories - Strange
Getting down in the ocean - First time..
Stepping into the ocean with the snorkel and those funny shoes - Shiver
5 mins of being in water - Fear of drowning (inspite of the life jacket)
Back to boat - Thank God I am alive
Watching other snorklers fighting with the waves.. - hope they have a nice time
Boat starts off agian - Nice sailing in the hot sun
One quick nap after a sandwich - Refreshing
Going to ride banana boat - Wow finally i do something
Sit on the boat - Little scary
Motor boat tied to banana boat starts - Excited
Motor Boat speeding and we jumping up and down in water - Thrilling
The girl behind me falls off - Oops.. what if its me..
2 mins later I fall into water(Atlantic Ocean) - I am drowning
Come up to the surface (entirely coz of life jacket) - Will I be alive
See everybody from the boat in water - Who s gonna save me..
G comes near me - Hang on.. Save me!!!
G says dont worry u wont drown - I cant breathe. Do something..
Banana boat overturns - Oh God!! now I die for sure
Motor boat guy comes nearby.. - Please please pick me up from water.. I dont know swimming
2 guys pull me up from water - Thanks u ppl
Last bit of the ride on banana boat - Go slow..
Back to my ship - Now I am safe
Waiting for Parasailing - hmmm...
Parasailing - Amazing, spectacular, cool, Wonderful, Exotic, amazing, Beautiful etc etc
Back to the ship - I want to parasail more...
Just relaxing and eating fruits - Let this day not end
Back to the shore - Amazing experience
Going back to Miami during sunset time, drive back - Better than what we had earlier :) [Its the same, its just the sunset probably]
Get up again next morning - Office time :( [why why why after every trip?????]


Sujit said...

wow.. thats an amazing trip!.. I haven;t done parasailing.. but i did pilot an aircraft for 30mins or so!.. its really cool.. yeah after nice holiday.. going to office the next day morning is the worst thing :(

Vivhyd said...

wow.. did u do all this or is it a dream?? I would love to do all that..

Art said...

Ya it sure was amazing.. was hoping to see some dolphins.. that dint happen though..

All this is true.. True feelings..

deepthi vinod said...

ha ha me too up with thoughts like that..but u remember mine go for a toss the min I open eyes..hope u get to do all that minus work....