Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just Mom!!!

I just want to run away from everything and everybody.. oh but over here there is nobody.. From whom do I run?? This situation is totally getting on my nerves. I dont feel like going to office.. dont feel like going home.. Just want to go back to mom.. Want to lie on her lap.. Want her shoulders to cry on...
Why does this keep happening every now and then.. I know that I love mom the most and I depend so much on her.. But sometimes inpite of me being so strong.. I depend on mom to find some mental peace.. How much ever i am confused or depressed.. once I talk to her.. all my burdens are just gone.. I feel that now I can sleep like a baby.. with no worried no tensions..

People are amazed by God's creations.. The animal the plants.. but God's best creation is Mom...
She is there anytime of the day (and night).. U dont have to tell her.. if u r sad.. She just comes to know .. and not just by ur face.. by ur voice.. just a touch.. just a feeling.. If there is Telepathy existing then mom has that power.. I just call home and say hi.. she knows I am happy or sad..

As and when u grow.. u meet other people and then someday you find a very special person in life.. with whom you decide to spend the rest of your life..
But even that very special person cannot take ur mom's place... U still find peace only with mom..

Thank u so much ma.. for being there for me.. as a a a friend.. as my life..

This post was initially not to talk about how gr8 moms are.. but somehow even the mention of her.. made me feel much better..


Sujit said...

yeah.. moms are always special and they will be... they are very far away but still close..! while we have people close to us.. but still far far away!

Keshi said...

**But even that very special person cannot take ur mom's place

Spot on! Thats why they say there's no other r'ship purer or higher than the r'ship between mother n child.