Monday, June 18, 2007


We have seen in movies.. once a person falls in love.. there is no sleep there is no hunger... u dont feel like doing anything...
Well the same thing is happening to me..

Somehow.. i just cant sleep these days.. dont feel like eating and just so bored to do anything..( I can sing Mujhe neend na aaye song..)

Is it coz I have fallen in love again?? As in movies..


Junius said...


Sujit said...

hehe.. sometimes it happens that sleep takes rest :) leaving us restless..:)..

Art said...

:) Laughing at my expense huh!!!

Wah Wah!! what a statement

radiantbear said...

Now who might that lucky person be? :)

Alapana said...

Again?? How come i missed the news first time:) Who????????????

Sujit said...

enu aithu? missing in action!