Friday, June 08, 2007


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Garlic... one of the most important spices.. But when fried.. it gives out such a pungent smell.. Some people love it.. and some hate it.. Well I dont care who loves it or hates it.. I just hate it..I cannot stand the smell of this.. And these days.. i am getting kind of allergic to it.. Oh no not my body.. but its me.. moment i taste Garlic, i get this vomiting sensation.. I feel like rinsing my mouth a hundered times..
At home my roomie puts Garlic in Daal.. result I end up eating curd rice..
Today at breakfast in the morning.. we had got baegals from Paneera Bread.. They are supposed to be the best in breads. I love their baegals.. but today due to some confusion.. Got Sesame and something something today... (I had ordered for all baegals, but she gave me the wrong one.. :( I was in ahurry so dint check) So now I put this baegal in my mouth.. and all i get to taste is Garlic... (yuk!!!)
From that time i am trying to take out that taste.. Drank a whole glass of orange juice (juice over here is usually like its made from the skin and not the fuit. .so bitter) then had my strawberry cereal bar.. then had 3 gulps of water.. i still feel that vomiting sensation..
Probably its Garlic week :(

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Sujit said...

hehe.. :)... nothing to add just imagine :)