Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love India - Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day everybody...
Whereever we are, I am sure all of us would never forget August 15. This is the Indian Independece day.

Until the time we were in school, this day used to be a day of celebrations. But when in school, it meant speech by a freedom fighter, some cultural programs.. Patriotic songs sweet distribution and go home.

Though we were not keen on those speeches. The patriotic songs surely did make you feel proud of being an Indian. The intensity with which all the students used to sing always gave goose pimples.

Once school got over, Independence day was always a holiday. Nobody forced us to celebrate it. But this is when, I missed it so much.. I wished I was in school.

I thank all the fighters who fought for our freedom. Its because of the sacrifice of thousands of Indians that we are now in the free Inida. Ofcourse there are lot of problems, but then as in Rang De Basanti 'Koi Desh Perfect nahi hota, Use perfect banana padta hai' (No country is perfect, we have to make it perfect)

These days the frequency of my posts are too less... But i wanted to post this somehow..

Gaana dedicated

Yeh Duniya ik Dulhan
Dulhan ki mathe ki bindiya
Yeh mera India.

Patriotism in me.. is just oozing out..


Sujit said...

The atmosphere is schools is totally different. just loved it!.. keep the patriotism always on flow..

whAt A LiFe said...

Happy Independence Day to you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day Aarthi...u surely will make a good photographer....hey btw where has Smitha disappeared? Not on orkut no blogging....smione.wordpresss is her blog right??? Its been more than 6 months I guz...


Amrita said...

Belated happy independence to you too!! guess independence is the flavour of the month..and yours is the most coloourful expression so far..way to go!!!

Amrita said...

hey, whats ahead of independence? waiting for another great post..