Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bachpan ke din!!!

bachpan ke din chaar
na aayenge baar baar
jelee jelee mere yaar
jeb khali to udhaar..
jee zindageeeeeeeeeeeee

This is the ending of a song in TZP (Taare Zameen Pe)
I have been listening to songs of TZP from day before yday and these 4-5 songs are in my playlist and this is what I have been playing continuosly...

These 5 lines above just caught my attention and it seems so true... howmuch ever we try to get recollect those memories... howmuch ever we try to relive those moments.. We all know that all that is just momentary and we have to come back to our lives which we are currently a part off...
Hats off to those wonderful days of childhood, where the only concern in life was play and study and the wonderful things we got to eat :)


Sujit said...

yeah, those were the days of true life without any sort of tensions or think about future.. all that matters in present.. :).. haven't seen the movie nor heard the lyrics :)..

Surya Pratap Mishra said...

Was just searching for this song, when I got your blog!

Quite true indeed. If we sit and wonder about the long gone days, I am sure each and every time it makes us feel that we want to get back to relive those little moments, where we were free - free to laugh, to cry, to quarell, to love, to do everything that we wished for and more often than not, we were adored for all these little things !

Alas ! Our childhood days ! :)