Friday, January 11, 2008


I just got a forward today:
Be like Salt in your life...
Which means,
Your presence should give taste in others life...

Now this is a good thought.. But this just left me thinking... If we are like salt, then the way too much of salt spoils the taste of the food, we will be spoiling the essence of the relationship which we have with the person.
We can always make it better when the salt is less but always be careful so that the amount is not too much.

Well Salt/Sugar always try to do right things at right time and in right quantities :)


Sujit said...

salt is also invisible.. you do the things to make others fun.. but you are never noticed also :)

Amrita said...

thats really a nice thought and that ways u could be sugar too, but then sugar is nt used in all food items...but a good thought!