Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby

It was hubby’s bday last week. It’s his first bday after our wedding. I wanted to do something special for him. Mom had gifted him a Raymond Shirt, so had gone with her for shopping so that I could select the colour. This time since G was not with me; I bought 2 shirts and kept it hidden, so that I could gift this on his bday. Same way some time back, got a chance to be in Hallmark alone, so had got a Congratulations card (darn!! Should have got a bday card instead).

The day before his Bday, tried to get a card in the store at office, but dint get any, so decided will convert the congratulations card into a birthday card :). That evening went home and sent G to get some stuff (I was not feeling well, so dint accompany him). Now I sat down to write the clues for a treasure hunt I was planning. Just when I was about to do this, there was a power cut, and so I sat down with the candle and did those clues. I wrote some stuff in the card too, this converted it to a birthday card. I was placing the clues at the right positions that hubby was back from the store. I had to hide things again and behave as if I was just sitting and getting bored in the dark with a candle. That night we had our dinner and slept.

Right at 12 I woke G and wished him HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 5 mins and we were back to our dreams. Around 3 or 4 in the morning, I woke up again and finished off placing the clues. I woke up G in the morning, the first thing he does is reach for the newspaper when I give him the hot cup of coffee. Son on the paper was the first message, saying he needs to hunt down his gift.

As soon as he opened the paper, another chit fell down where he got his first clue, these were the speakers. As he searched near the speakers, he got the next clue. Now this game went on for a good 5 mins, he then found the card (it was a part of the next clue). As he read the card and felt elated, he got another chit in that, this was the last clue. Finally I had kept the cover at the back of the bathroom door. The moment he opened it, he saw the 2 shirts I had got and felt extremely happy.

I had prepared shavige (vermicelli) payasa / Kheer, and cooked aaloo and onion sambar (which he likes a lot). That was a busy day in office as we had wing(floor) decoration competition. By the time we left office it was 7.30. So the next destination was the Vontikoppal temple. WE were lucky that we reached just before the closing time. After this was my final surprise. We went to Lalit Mahal.

This was one of the palaces built in mysore as some viceroy was to visit the place. Now its *(star) hotel. So as we entered the grand court, we were seated by the very hospitable servers. There was light music going on. There were 2 people playing sitar and tabla. This restaurant wasn’t very crowded and had a few foreigners there. We ordered the Royal Msyore Silver Thali. The food was awesome. I dint expect it to be good, as most of the *hotels cater to the foreign tastes. But this was really authentic. The best part being, it was served on a silver plate(thali) with silver bowls. After the dinner, when G thought the day is finally ending, I had the next surprise for him.

I had called earlier and asked them to get a pastry with a candle on. G had once said, in his childhood, he wanted to do this. I just wanted him to feel the same. When the pastry with a candle on top came to our table, the look on G’s face when he looked at me, told me that he surely loved this and least expected that there was a surprise till the end of the dinner. It was really great. G was surprised with all this and happy and I was the happiest coz I could do all this for him on his first birthday after our wedding.


Praveen said...

Hey Congrats, madhuve yaavagaythu?? Wow that sure was fab bday for G. He sure is lucky to have a doting wifey as u.
So ur back in Mysooru?? I was there a fortnight ago and had been to Lalit Mahal, love the city and the palace.

A request, if you could deactivate the comment box pop up. It takes time for the comment box to pop up, same window would be quicker. Thanks!

Alapana said...

The feeling of belonging comes through such small incidents i guess. Belated happy birthday wishes to your hubby and glad you are back to blogging:)

Art said...

Maduve aagi 3 months aaithu... I am back to mysore.. Ya things are pretty good here... caters to most of them.. calm and peaceful yet happening.

Will try to take out the pop up

thats true :)