Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Slippery Sandal

Just yesterday I N told me about her sandal breaking. On further questions I realized it’s the same sandal we had made fun of a few months back.

It was a nice sunny weekend in Hyderabad. N and me went to do some window shopping and actual shopping too. After looking for sandals in Hyderabad Central our next step was Mochi. All of them were so lovely, I was so tempted to buy. But then the ones I really loved had too much heels… and I can’t even stand on those, let alone walk with them.
So after too many rejections and selections, she decided on two of them, one black high heel and other a half inch heel. We came home happy and content.

Scene Monday morning:

Me, N and M get down from the shared auto and enter office gate. N is in the office with her new half inch sandal. We walk till the first building, and zoop she slips. Luckily she is in the middle and M and me hold her. There were a few guys behind her, who probably smiled. Well that’s what we wanted her to believe that they laughed. Two more steps, she said “Don’t laugh, I don’t need you hold me” there she slipped again. This time me and M held her again and started laughing like mad. The distance between first building and next in Hyd office is very short and N slipped thrice already. The culprit was either the stones or her new sandal. Since we dint slip or even feel like it, we concluded it was her new sandal doing these tricks.

The Best was yet to come. We were to walk till the last building in the campus, so all this time we were holding on to N and laughing and teasing Neha so that she would swear never to wear this again. With much more slips and trips 3 of us reached the building and wished N so that she wouldn’t fall the whole day.

But it was sad that the sandal broke. It provided us so much fun on the usually gloomy Monday morning.


rayshma said...

aww... sandals breaking can break my heart... really! my mochi ones have served me really well so far! :)

Art said...

i got a mochi one for the wedding. It was a very pretty one with stones etc... but i just tripped once and it came off.. Mom did some repair work.. but now i am just too skeptical to wear it... There was another non-delicate one.. thats working pretty good :)