Friday, September 26, 2008


Foggy!! Thats how most of the days start here in San Bruno.

On a non foggy day ( I would like to say Sunny, but thats too rare), as soon as I come out of our apartment complex, the view is awesome. We live on a hill :). Well it seems so, we just look down the road and we can see number of houses and then a bay and across that beautiful mounatain. This view is something which probably drives me to go out of the house everyday. I am yet to take a picture of this. Probably this weekend, I might take a pic.

We go by bus to office. On our way, we come across Skyline college. The campus is pretty big. But just before this starts a beautiful view. There are big houses which have their backyards facing the valley below. From the ne point you can see the deep valley there... It looks awesome. This is another place I would like to take a picture. Then on the way, there are so many independent houses. Wow, each of them look so different and colourful and nice. I really admire so many of those and secretly wish, I could own each and every one of them.

Well but if its foggy, you get to see white white and white... no scenary no view.. just the fog. In a way thats also beautiful, but I would like it to be like how we saw it the other day. Fog was far away and the way it created a potrait, it was a sight. The picture was something like this. Blue sky, under that brown mountains, white fog, under this at one half colorful homes and other half was the wonderful blue bay. This was really the sight to be. I dint mind the fog blocking the beauty that day. Infact I was happy that the fog became a part of the scenic beauty.

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