Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas

From the time we came to Banglaore. Christmas meant, mom would get us a special cake from the bakery in the evening. We had a very small cute little tree like showpiece which looked very similar to the Christmas tree. I used to decorate that the previous day and keep lot of the toffees which we used to get for 50p. And if any kid came home we would give some chocolates. New year meant we would go to MG Road and most of the shops would have Santa Claus dressed people with loads of chocolates in their bags. We used to go there to get those chocolates from Santa. Ofcourse we knew Santa was imaginary, but who cares as long as we were happy with such small illusions. Things have changed, but mom still gets us the cake like every year, and we wish each other on that day, like how we do for deepavali, sankranti, Ugadi etc.


Last Christmas I was in India. I wasn’t at home though, I was at Hyderabad coz of work, and since Christmas was on a weekday just stayed back there.We dint do much that day, than sitting idle at home. But previous 2 years was fun. The actual Christmas Day was a part of the long weekend, so it meant going to one of the beautiful places in US. But other than that, Christmas celebrations used to start off everywhere atleast a month before.

My First Christmas in US (2005)

A few weeks before Christmas, all of us in our office were given chits and asked to write our names and 3 things which we would like as gifts. All of us did with so much excitement. A few days later, we were asked to pick up chits, so we would know whom to get the gifts for. I was so excited. We did shopping and on a particular day, all of us exchanged gifts in front of the Christmas tree.

My Second Christmas in US (2006)

At office, this time it was a little different. We all bought gifts and kept it under the tree. We were given numbered chits. We were to pick in the ascending order. But this had a catch. The person who got chit #1 would pick a gift open it. If person with chit #2 liked this, then he would get it and #1 would get another chance. Now #3 could choose from #1 or #2 or could pick a new one. This passing on too had a catch. A particular gift could be transferred only thrice. Then the third person who got it, would keep the gift. It was fun. I had got a nice Starbucks mug, someone took it away from me :( I finally got some body lotions and stuff.
But it was fun to play around.

On actual Christmas time, we were in Washington DC. This was one of the amazing trips we had. DC happens to be one of my favorites coz its so clean, calm, whitish, creamish. It gives a fresh look. We could even see the famous christmas tree in front of White house.

My third Christmas in US (2008)


Christmas Day I will be G. I surely am waiting for that... All the places have been lit up so well here. Last week we were in San Francisco downtown... The streets are lit up so well. The union square has a huge christmas tree completely lit up. In front of it was Macys. The decoration was mind blowing. First thing that came to our mind was, insite of economy being so bad, everything was so lit up and decorated. Malls everywhere were decorated too. They have these center places in the mall, where they create Santa land, and people can take pics with Santa. There are christmas trees everywhere... Its such a festive moment...Of course how can we miss the song... We wish you a merry christmas,We wish you a merry christmas,We wish you a merry christmas and a Happy New Year


Merry Christmas everybody!!!!


Archana Ramesh said...

Hi! How are you? You're still going strong on the blog! Its been such a long time...seen that you're married now..it maybe lame that I'm wishing you now but congratulations!

Art said...


So nice to see you back... On the blog, had left it some time back.. now trying to keep up...

Thank you so much for the wishes

Anonymous said...

So nice indeed.Thanks Arathi for sharing.Merry Christmas in advance.

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