Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TV Time

I left home for work right after my degree, there was probably a 2 week time before I joined work. It was the first time I was going to be away from home and all that. The post is not about this anyway. So now that I was just 3 hrs away from home, I used to come home every weekend. Initially it was so exciting, living all by myself, choosing my own things etc etc. We dint have a TV though. Infact we never needed one. There was so much of entertainment in our group that we dint need any gadget to keep us busy. Well those stories will come some time later.

Now every weekend at home, when I would sit in front of the TV, my Bro would be watching some dreaded sports channel. Now I would have to either fight for my channel or watch his boring ones... Obviously I always opted for the first option. If the fighting dint work, I always used the Bhrahmastra (supposed to the mightiest sword in Hindu Mythology). This was the emotional blackmail... The conversation would go like this

ME : Let me watch TV for some time

A : This is an important match

ME: Whats so important about it. They keep playing every other day. Its not like its World Cup you see

A: You always say this and dont allow me to watch TV

ME: Dont you have to go and study. Whenever I come home, you are glued to the TV (though he has always been the studious one)

ME (to Mom) : Ma, you never tell him anything. From the day I have gone, you have lost control over him

ME (back to A): Go and study. I will come and ask you questions

A: I will watch this one and then go

Mom to A: Why dont you allow her to watch TV

Mom to Me: You come once a week, do you have to sit n watch TV, instead you can come and talk to me or help me out

ME (in the mind) : Got the point

ME to A : See I come just once a week. We dont even have TV at Mysore. You keep watching it everyday. Cant I enjoy even for a couple of hours

A (frustrated with drama by now, throws the remote on sofa, stomps his feet and goes to his room) : Fine.. Watch it

Now at home, there are 2 TVs. We dont need to fight... But the conversation is like this.

ME: Its boring to watch TV like this na

A: Yeah.... its not like we are actually enjoying this.

ME: Come lets switch off one, I'll watch ur game.. anyway there is nothing intersting in the other channels

A: Ok

After a while

ME: Why dont you change the channel?

A: You always do this...

The whole scene continues, until one of us remembers, there is another TV at home and goes of to the other room.

Its fun being with bro.

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Anonymous said...

A similar scene happens at home with my brother, memories make us feel so good isn't it:)