Friday, February 27, 2009

Little Tea party

I just happened to see a photo of a small girl playing with a teapot and a cup. This just triggered my memory and my childhood just flashed in front of me.

As a part of our childhood, we had so many dolls but the main thing was to have a kitchen set. We had these made of steel, clay, plastic. They were replicas of what mom had in her “real” kitchen, and this was so exciting. Mom would lend grains to put in these teeny weeny containers. And yeah!!! Before we had a actual fridge at home, I already had a beautiful plastic one which was as big as my dad’s palm… But hey this was one thing mom dint have and I had… and being the nice daughter I was, I had even offered mom she could use mine… That time I dint know why she never used it (ofcourse much later when we had a real one, I knew why she had refused).

If there were no children to actually play with me, mom would volunteer. She would be my guest, me being the perfect hostess, would offer her tea, juice and lot many things to drink (all of which would be water in a thumb sized glass. Then we would have lunch in our play plates, so peanuts were to be assumed as rice and sambar. Of course we would use up the snacks and take bigger plates and eat those.

As I grew a little older, I grew out of these smaller vessels and containers and actually started making something in the kitchen (say: Tea). I was always fascinated with the whole tea sets which were shown in movies. So sometimes my parents used to play along with me. We had 2 tea sets at home, and they were to be used only on special occasions. Well, mom used to carefully take it out for me and I used to prepare the tea decoction (tea without milk – water a tea powder boiled well together) put it in the big tea pot, then hot milk in the smaller pot, then sugar in the sugar container. I used to take the whole tray in front of them. Then pour all these one by one in the cup. In the end, you are supposed to ask the quantity of sugar. Once all this is done, I used to serve them the tea with some biscuits. This whole thing used to take much more time than the usual, but the fun and the time we used to spend on this was totally awesome.

How I wish I can be that little girl again!!!

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Chitra said...

Oh yussss! I still have that tea-set...a ceramic one at that.