Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Season fever

Its raining so much these days, and if I were to use any of those comparisons... like cats and dogs and stuff like that… I would say it’s raining elephants and hippos. But rain is not the only thing, its getting cold too. I have started detesting my jacket. I am really bored of that. Now add to that I have to carry an umbrella all around. And with all this come fever and cold and cough. Luckily my cough and cold are not much. But fever is really tiring; it also comes with body pain. I wish G and me were together. That would have really helped.

When we were in Bangalore, at school/college times, anytime I got fever, 100% attention used to be on me. Even otherwise I used to gobble up 90% of it, but 100 is something different. Mom always had to have me in sight. So I wake up in the morning, and depending on the condition it would be decided if I could have a bath or no. I would be given something hot to drink (milk... yuk), then something to eat. It used to be bread since nothing else would actually go past the throat. Then all day mom would sit with me… checking temperatures, getting things to eat and drink. Then slowly I moved out and due to work, weekend were the only time I could be home, so fever on weekdays meant, take care of yourself (of course roommates helped a lot, they were the family then).

We went to Mysore after the wedding. So I fell ill again with fever. I dint take an off, but as soon as we came home I just crashed into the bed. I told G to wake me up in an hour so that I could cook dinner for us. When I actually got up, it had already been 3 hours, and when I got out of the room, it was such a delightful sight, G was cooking something for dinner. He said that I needed rest and ordered me to go back to sleep by the time he finishes his cooking. I just did as he said. He then woke me up and we had a tasty meal which I could relish completely. There were days when I told him, I wish I could fall ill and he could take care of me like this. He takes care of me the best after mom. I sometimes behave very unreasonably with him, but then again if I don’t…who else can?

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workhard said...

Awww, thats a nice post.G seems like a nice guy..