Monday, May 04, 2009

Whats in a name

I remember most of my husband’s friends names. Atleast after listening to their names twice, I know from when they know each etc. Of course once in a while I forget.

From the time I have introduced my friends, unless he has interacted with them personally more than 5-6 times, or if they attended our wedding (they are the same people he has interacted with), he’s always confused with the names.

A month back, this was the converstation (we were in 2 different places, so conversation on phone)

ME : I am going to Priya’s house this weekend
HIM : Oh! Cool


ME : We are planning to do so n so over the weekend
HIM : Who all??
ME : Told you na, going to Priya’s house
HIM : Oh ya…


HIM : I am planning to go to beach during weekend.
ME : Wow… That’s good.. You are also going out
HIM : Also?? Where are you going?
ME : (hmph!!) Friend’s place
HIM : Oh Cool.. Lavanya’s house?
ME : Naah.. Priya
HIM : Great Enjoy maadu


ME : (Not even nearing weekend discussions) So what’s for dinner?
HIM : Rice and Sambar… So you are going tomorrow directly from office?
ME : (Wow!!! He remembers) Hoon.. Am packing now
HIM : Great!!! Say Hi to Pallavi from my side.
ME : (confused) But Pallavi is in NY, and I am not going to meet her.
HIM : Oh then what’s your friend’s name.
ME : (Tired) Priya.

Friday evening

HIM : So, did you reach Pallavi’s house
ME : (Completely frustrated with this name confusion). Its not Pallavi, Its Priya.
HIM : Oh ya!! I forgot
ME : Is it so difficult to remember my friend’s name, that too after listening to it for a week now
HIM : Hey Come on!!! How can I remember your friend’s names??
ME : Fine… Forget it
HIM : That’s what I did :)


Khushi said...

ha ha ha ha can relate to this! After much difficulty now he remembers few names...:)
sighhhh men!!!

Art said...

Khushi - :)

Arunima said...

:-) which friend of yours did you say?

Art said...

Again!! Its Priya ;-)

Neha said... my case i m even worse with names..i failed to recognize one of my hubby's fren when he spotted me near my office..though we had met 4-5 times at gatherings and the poor guy had to introduce himself..