Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Traffic o traffic

At lunch time today, we were just discussing about the traffic conditions.. D(my friend) just shared her experiences when she was on a 2 wheeler.

Incident 1: D was on a signal waiting for it to turn green. It was taking a long time. A guy was honking for a long time, so she just gave way to him. He then did the same to the guy in front. The other guy got so frustrated that it seems he gave a gesture which meant fly and go.... The way D showed it to us, it was so hilarious.

Seriously, when you are on a red signal, whats the point in honking? The person in front of you is also equally frustrated with all this traffic. Most of them are on the way to attend to something important. Everybody wants to get out of the traffic as soon as possible. If all of us have a little patience and understand that, only if we work together will this problem be in a situation where we atleast can tolerate it.

Incident 2: One of the roads had a 'no left turn' signal. And seems it was covered by the tree, so people couldnt see the same, and started going in that road. The policeman was sending people away from there, later caught one person. Seems this guy told the policeman "Sir, you are doing a great job by enforcing the law. I am ready to pay the fine, but can you please make sure that people can see the board". The policeman was so embarassed, that he let him go and dint stop anybody for fines, but started to redirect.

Some of us do want to follow rules, but when the rules are not laid out fine, how can we even follow that?? I really wish, that traffic becomes much better, atleast for the sake of people who want to follow the rules and live in a better place.

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