Sunday, January 23, 2011

You are so beautiful

“You are so beautiful, so damn beautiful” by Akon was playing the car, Ram loved to say these lines out loud to both his girls. Just then Sneha said ”come on, you can’t say this to both of us. You have to decide, whom you are gonna singing this to.” Ram just smiled. Aruna said, “Ofcourse it’s for me dear, I came into his life much before you came, so it has to be me”.

Sneha and Aruna argued as usual, until Ram stopped the car and said, if they dint stop fighting over the song, he would take them back home and the dinner at pizza hut would be cancelled. Both the girls loved pizza, so they just turned their backs towards each other and sat in silence until Ram took them to pizza hut.

They ordered their favorite garlic bread, and veggie supreme pizza. Ram wondered, how both of them liked the same things. As they were about to take the first bite of the food, the song played again. This time Ram decided, he would sing it to them in a proper way.

He took sneha’s hand and said “You are so beautiful” and then he took Aruna’s hand and said “so damn beautiful”, both the girls giggled and gave a peck on Ram’s cheek. They left the place after having a wonderful meal.

Ram had a superb evening, on one side was his princess like daughter, and the other side his beautiful wife.

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Sandhya said...

Actually, last line of the 1st para and the second line in the second para gave away the suspense.