Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super powers

Nikhil was supposed to go to his friend’s house, to collect something. Since he had to walk alone for half an hour, he could use his super powers. He would just get his spider powers out and jump from tree to tree or building to building. He would still take the same time, he would if he had walked. It gave him a sense of satisfaction though.

Another day, when he had to walk alone a lonely road, no buildings, no trees, he was disappointed. He decided to try something new. He got out his boat, and started rowing. He had the long oar, so that he could do the rowing both the sides. He loved his new discovery.

One day, Nikhil’s mom asked him to accompany her to the tailor shop. He never liked going with others, he loved his solitary walks. He couldn’t refuse his mom, and went with her. Mom was surprised to see Nikhil not chatting with her, instead, she saw him rowing a boat, or his spiderman actions.

That night she told this incident to her husband. He calmed her down saying “10 year old kids live in such imaginary worlds.. Let him come out of it, when he wants to… Let him enjoy his ‘Super Powers’”

He then turned to Nikhil and winked at him.

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