Sunday, February 20, 2011


Bali placed the cube in the warehouse. The cube was so heavy, but he couldn’t complain. It was his job to provide for his family. Every day, he had to go to the place where the huge cubes were, pick up as many cubes possible. He worked in a organized company, they were very strict. He couldn’t jump queues, nor could he overtake, he had to do his work in the time allotted to him, in the sequence he was assigned to.

The work gave his family the security in terms of basic needs, but there was a lot of risk. Everyday his wife, Kyra was worried, if Bali would come back home alive. The path he went on everyday, had lot of dangers. There were huge structures there, one wrong step could be the last one for him. She used to work with him before they had the kids. Now she had to wait until the kids could fend for themselves to help her husband.

Suri, Bali’s collegue came to Bali’s wife with a sad face. She had one look at the face and understood. Teary eyed, she mustered some courage and asked him “How?”

Suri said “we were at the garden”, there was nobody at the tea table, there were lot of sugar cubes. Bali was so happy, he mentioned that today would be an important day”
“as we took the cube and started back to the warehouse, a kid screamed looking at the train of ants. His mommy just got a mug of water and poured it on us”

She couldn’t hold her tears anymore. Suri tried to console her. “We are sorry, the impact of water was so hard, we couldn’t save Bali”

Two days later, Kyra was in the house where Bali was murdered. She found the mother and bit her on the eye. The lady started screaming. She caught hold of Kyra, and mashed her up. Just before that, Kyra was shouting “Bali dear, I punished your murderer”. The lady threw the dead Kyra in the dustbin. She walked out of the room muttering “Too many ants in this house”

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Liked this one. Well written.