Saturday, July 30, 2011

Best Friend Forever

I got a call from one of my Bestest Friends (well I know that’s not correct English, but can they include it in the directory). This happened a month back, I started writing and then, as usual left it unfinished. But today I think I should continue… This will never get over, since we are still great friends.

What do I say about her… We both joined Infy together. We hadnt met each other earlier, but had a common friend, who had told both of us that her friend is joining Infy. In a way it was good, we dint know each other. We did not have any expectations or any impression about the other person…

We met in the beautiful Campus. We were given a week’s accomodation in the Guest House, and were in adjacent rooms. In a week, we became close to each other. We had similar interests. She was not very talketive, but an awesome listener, so we complimented each other. Late in the night, we just sneak into our balcony, jump over one and sit under the moonlight and talk for hours.

After a week, we moved to an apartment, with 2 other girls. All 4 of us belonged to the same gang of friends in Infy. Since the other 2 were usually busy on phones talking to their boy friends, it left the 2 of us to bond together, even better. We were room mates in the apartment.

We had mutual understanding, so it was always her who would wake up first and let me sleep for an extra half an hour. Once she was done with her bath, she would wake me up, like an elder sis, and then I would rush around and get ready and we would go to office together. As time flew, our bond became stronger.

Funny thing, our birthdays come on consecutive days. First comes her birthday, So the celebrations started from 12:00AM and went on till 11:30 PM, and then she would start cribbing “My birthday will be over and now yours will start off”. We laughed so much, and together waited for her birthday to end and mine to begin. Till date, when I wish her on her Birthday, I tell her, tommorow by this time it will be mine. And she says yeah everytime you steal my thunder…

She would always call me Doll. She was supposed to go to Pune for training for 2 months, she wrote me a letter and a to do list at home. Things like close the balcony door everyday, switch off geyser before leaving. One day a friend and me played a prank on her, calling her and telling that it was late at night and I came alone walking from his house as he refused to drop me home. The amount of scoldings he has got from her is enough for his lifetime. Then she dint speak to us for 2 days for playing the prank on her.

When I told her G proposed to me and I said no. She was the one who first told me that I was crazy to not accept his proposal. And after months, when I finally accepted, she was the first person to know apart from the 2 of us.

Like any other friends, we have had our share of good and not good times. We have gone thru the phase where we have not spoken to each other, due to some misunderstanding. But as we grow older, we mature and we realize, it was so stupid to lose a friend over trivial issues.

Both of us were in different places, I would say continents for years, but when we finally met, it seemed we were never apart. It just took us a few conversations to get back on track about each other. Again we lived in different places, occassional calls, occassional chats and we were still good friends.

Time got us together again in the same campus. We would go for lunch together and then a long walk… We would discuss everything under the sun. But then, this time last year she quit. I surely missed the time we had together. She was to move to Delhi a few months back. We decided to catch up over lunch. We had lunch in Sahib Singh Sultan. We were there for 1.5 hrs, it felt like 15 mins. We had so much to talk to. We sat on the stairs near PVR, wondering why there is no place in the mall to sit and chat. I got her a perfect photoframe, wrote her a card. When we parted ways that day, we could sense that we would miss each other.

I am just hoping she comes to B’lore soon, and I get to meet her again.

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