Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independence Day!!!

Shweta, was getting her daughter ready for school. It was the 15th of August. Independence Day celebrations were planned in her daughter’s school. She was present in one of the singing groups. They were to sing a patriotic song that day. Since it was the 25th Independence Day celebration in the school, they had invited the parents to be a part of these celebrations.

The introductions were done, the Mayor of the town was invited to hoist the flag and make a speech. The girls of class V were asked to sing Vande Mataram, and they sang beautifully. Shweta was a proud mother, she had a smile, when she saw her daughter singing. After this, there was a welcome speech and flag hoisting, then started the speech of the Mayor.

What happened after this, Shweta doesn’t really remember, since her thoughts drifted to the independence day celebrations, decades back, when she was in Class Xlll.

Shweta and 4 other friends, were the best of friends, the school had ever seen in that tenure. They loved attending the school functions, except for attending some boring speech, where the chief guests were supposed to give “inspirational” talks. This year, they planned to escape the speech part, of the celebrations. They were ready to sacrifice the usual Laddoos, which were to be distributed in the end. They hatched a plan.

The celebrations were to be held, in the huge school grounds. There was a huge sitting area and on the left was the stage. All the initial excitement had died down when the speech started. The plan was that the girls would try to leave one by one, so that nobody spots them leaving. In the initial 10 mins, the first girl slipped out of the compound. Then in some time the second and third. Just when the fourth one was about to leave, one of the teachers came and stood somewhere nearby. Though the teacher had no clue 3 of them had left. Shweta and the fourth girl waited for the teacher to move away so that they could escape and meet their friends outside the gate.

Just when the teacher moved, and the girls were about to sneak, there was an announcement.

We thank Mr.XXXXX for taking out some time from his busy schedule, to come here and give us some inspiration. Now we requests all the students to form a line, so that they can collect the sweets being distributed near the gate.

Eventually, both the girls went in line and collected their sweets and came out the gate. When they met the other 3 girls behind the school, their mouth was stuffed with Laddoo. They had forgotten to leave some of it for their friends.

After some, stares and laughs, they finally decided to sneak into the post office, which was right next to the school. It was national holiday, so it was empty. The gates were locked, so they actually jumped across the wall. There wasn’t even a security guard. All 5 played in the post office for quite some time. Around lunch time, they parted ways, unless all the parents arrange a search party for them.

Shweta was smiling to herself, when she heard loud applause. The speech from the Mayor, just got over. There was an announcement made. All the parents are requested to enjoy the refreshments, provided in the auditorium. Please make sure you have an eye on your kids… Have a great day all of you.
Shweta saw her daughter, stuffed with ladoo in her mouth…

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Anonymous said...

Post office oh god......the temple near the post office so nostalgic!!